Ordermade House: An Ideal Home with A Wide Wooden Deck

Ordermade House 5

Located in Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Ordermade House is an ideal home designed for a family with two children. Designed by Souken Home, this house offers a comfortable family house with a wide wooden deck.


Ordermade House 1

Ordermade House 2

Ordermade House 3

Ordermade House 4

Ordermade House 5

The owner wants to have a one-story house so he searched a large land for it. He also requests a design that surrounds the courtyard in a U-shape and LDK is his particular attention. In LDK, he can spend a lot of time with the family.

Plaster-based natural material called calcwall is used for the house walls while a hiba wood is used for the house floor. This house also has a wide wooden deck that can be used as an extension of the living room. This deck also serves as a playground for children.

In the spacious toilet, the wall is beautified by tiles to add a decorative accent to the space.


Ordermade House Gallery


Photography: Souken Home

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