A Modern Apartment in Eclectic Style

A Modern Apartment In Eclectic Style 16

Started in December 2021 and finished in November 2022, A Modern Apartment in Eclectic Style is a residential project designed by Anastasiia Postnikova and Maria Nitishinskaya. They combine lots of colors and shades to create such as a unique and interesting interior.

In this apartment interior, there are elements of a new classic, Japandi, and Art Decor. The bathroom looks awesome in oriental style with a pendant which Maria carefully carried from one of her travels. In2design studio likes to use interesting wallpapers in projects and this is the reason why there is wallpaper from the Patternrook brand in the master bedroom, and in the children’s room blackbirds were placed on the canvases of the Loymina brand.

Initially, this apartment consisted of one bedroom and a kitchen-living room. With proper planning and zoning, it is transformed brilliantly to get a dedicated master bedroom, a children’s bedroom for Sophia, and a kitchen-living room. A bright hall, which cleverly dissolves in space thanks to a high-length mirror, connects these rooms.

The bathroom is bright and rich with lots of oriental details, prints, and glossy textures. This room is one of the most expressive places in the apartment. There is a pendant brought by Maria from one of her trips to Turkey, glazed tiles in blue shades, ferns with flowers in accent tiles, and an attractive sink. These items together create a magical composition and give a unique mood to the room.

One of the designers, Maria, loves everything about the wabi-sabi style and interesting accents. For the master bedroom, she chose beautiful wallpaper with ethnic motifs and with the image of cranes. This detail is emphasized by paper hanging lampshades and a figured headboard. An open dressing room is also chosen instead of a standard wardrobe.

The young Sofia is the owner of the bright and detailed children’s bedroom. She adores animals and birds so much. The bright and rich wallpaper with thrushes is the first thing that attracts attention, and it looks like an interior panel placed on one long wall. Small accessories and decor enhance the feeling as if we have stepped into a fairy-tale forest: wall figurines of beetles and dragonflies, a mirror with deer antlers, and furniture and textiles with unusual prints.

The brands and manufacturers of products and accessories that were used in this project:

All cabinet furniture – furniture studio Tetraexpert

Wardrobe system in the master bedroom: Ennio furniture

Dining table: Sk Design

Dining chairs: Ozon

TV stand: divan.ru

Samsung Frame TV

Kitchen appliances: Weissgauf

Paint: Flugger

Wallpaper in the master bedroom: Patternroll

Beds (master bedroom and children’s bedroom): Parfe

Coffee table: Likvy

Parquet board: Citadel parquet

Bathroom tiles: Equipe

Accent tile in bathtub area: ABK

Porcelain floor tiles: ITC Porselain Persian Teal Onyx

Great Create washbasin

Mirrors: Steklobalt

Moldings and cornices: Europlast

Curtains: Avantage

Chest of drawers and console in the nursery: Berber

Ikea desk chair

Interior decor: Loftdesign, Zara home, H&m home

A Modern Apartment in Eclectic Style

Designers: Anastasiia Postnikova and Maria Nitishinskaya

Photographer: Alexandra Dubrova

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