7 Inspiring Examples of Industrial Modern Decor

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The industrial modern decor combines utilitarian and contemporary design elements to create a visually striking and functional living space. This design style combines the rough, unpolished elements of industrial aesthetics with the sleek, polished features of modern decor, creating a unique look for your home.

At the heart of industrial modern decor is the emphasis on exposed materials. This includes incorporating elements like brick walls, which add texture and a sense of history to the space. Metal elements, such as steel beams, metal chairs, and industrial-style lighting fixtures, are pivotal in creating the industrial feel. These metallic accents not only lend a robust character to the room but also serve functional purposes.

Another crucial component of this decor style is the use of concrete for flooring. Concrete floors offer durability and a minimalist appeal, aligning with the modern aspect of the style. They also provide a neutral base that complements the more rustic elements in the decor.

Another highly sought-after feature in modern industrial-style decor is the use of reclaimed wood. It adds warmth and organic texture, creating a balance with the cooler metal and concrete components. Utilizing reclaimed wood for furniture or accent pieces also contributes to an environmentally conscious approach to interior design.

This decor style is characterized by clean lines and a balance between form and function. It’s not just about the aesthetic; the functionality of each element is equally important. The goal is to create a space that is both stylish and practical, where every piece has a purpose.

For those seeking inspiration to incorporate industrial modern decor into their home, exploring various examples and ideas can spark creativity. The possibilities are truly limitless, from finding the perfect lighting to enhance metallic elements to selecting the ideal reclaimed wood furniture. Industrial modern decor combines raw and refined elements to create a bold statement in your home while still being comfortable and livable.

1. Bright House by HAO DESIGN

Bright House 2

The first inspiring example of industrial modern decor is Bright House by HAO DESIGN. This house doesn’t use concrete for the floor but for the whole ceiling and wall. There are also industrial-style lighting fixtures and a metal trunk that strengthen the industrial look.

Photography: HAO DESIGN

2. Marvel’s Safehouse by HAO DESIGN

Marvel's Safehouse 6

The next inspiring example of industrial modern decor comes from Marvel’s Safehouse by HAO DESIGN. This hero house also uses a metal trunk as one of the industrial elements to strengthen the industrial vibe. Concrete is the main material used to beautify the walls and ceiling of the room.

Photography: HAO DESIGN

3. Recall Casa by HAO DESIGN

Recall Casa 9

Recall Casa by HAO DESIGN is also an inspiring example of industrial modern decor. This awesome house uses concrete as the main material and decoration for its floor and walls. Some industrial-style lighting fixtures beautify the ceiling, strengthening the industrial vibe.

Photography: HAO DESIGN

4. Voltaire by SABO

Voltaire 21

Voltaire by SABO is an inspiring example of industrial modern decor for you who love simplicity. This apartment looks awesome with its concrete ceiling. In the kitchen and dining area, some unique industrial lighting creates a unique and romantic feeling.

Photographer: Alexandre Delaunay

5. Node Living by DesignAgency

Node Living 8

The next inspiring example of industrial modern decor can be found in Node Living by DesignAgency. This house uses bricks for the wall to enhance the industrial style. The presence of reclaimed wood elements comes from the furniture.

Photography: DesignAgency

6. Industrial Loft by IDwhite

Industrial Loft 11

If you live in an apartment, this inspiring example of industrial modern decor can be your main inspiration. Industrial Loft by IDwhite uses industrial-style lighting fixtures in black to enhance the industrial look. To create a strong look, some black elements are also added to the kitchen.

Photographer: Leonas Garbačauskas

7. Gentle Heart of Steel by HAO DESIGN

Gentle Heart Of Steel 7

The last inspiring example of industrial modern decor is Gentle Heart of Steel by HAO DESIGN. This family house makes full use of concrete as the main material for its floor, wall, and ceiling. There are also some industrial-style lighting fixtures and industrial-style furniture that mark the industrial vibe.

Photography: HAO DESIGN

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