How Melbourne’s Restaurants Craft Unique Dining Experiences Through Thoughtful Furniture Design

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Renowned as Australia’s gastronomic capital, Melbourne’s restaurant scene is more than just a collection of eateries, it’s a living testament to the city’s diverse soul and unquenchable appetite for innovation. 

Nestled within its labyrinthine streets are hidden gems and Michelin-starred icons, each contributing to a rich mosaic of flavors, cultures, and experiences. However, beyond the sizzle of pans and the clink of cutlery, these dining establishments are weaving a new narrative through an unexpected medium: furniture design. 

In partnership with visionary furniture designers & suppliers like Adage Furniture helping venue owners choose restaurant furniture. Melbourne’s restaurant owners are better able to take on the challenge of marrying the culinary journey with design’s visual and tactile elements. As Elton, the owner of Adage Furniture, aptly says, ‘Your furniture isn’t just furniture. It’s the silent ambassador of your restaurant’s personality. It’s that little thing that whispers to people, “Hey, this place is a bit different. Let’s check it out!” 

Here are a few of our favourite venues in Melbourne that clearly understand that the experience of savoring a meal can be elevated by the touch of a handcrafted table, the curve of a chair that cradles comfort, and the way natural light dances upon carefully chosen textures.

Gimlet at Cavendish House

Gimlet at Cavendish House isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an experience meticulously curated to appeal to a diverse range of diners. The spacious and luminous establishment in a landmark 1920s building on Russell Street seamlessly merges classic European allure with Melbourne’s vibrant spirit.

Central to Gimlet’s allure is its carefully chosen restaurant furniture. The comfortable leather booths beckon families for leisurely lunches, while the exclusive high tables set the stage for intimate romantic evenings.

The furniture’s versatility is evident in its ability to cater to various group sizes and purposes, aligning perfectly with the restaurant’s ethos of being a space for “all seasons and reasons.”

The desire for such captivating furniture is echoed by many who have experienced Gimlet’s unique ambiance. It’s more than just a want; it’s a yearning to bring the essence of Gimlet’s design philosophy into one’s own spaces. The desire to recreate that blend of classic elegance and vibrant spirit within the confines of a home or another establishment is a testament to the impact of Gimlet’s carefully curated furniture.

Transformer Fitzroy

Transformer Fitzroy’s restaurant furniture manifests its core values: refined elegance and environmental consciousness. The restaurant’s commitment to local and sustainable practices is mirrored in using recycled timber furniture, celebrating the beauty of repurposed materials.

The attention to detail given to the former electrical transformer manufacturing warehouse is palpable in the lofty wooden ceilings, the meticulously painted brick walls, and the inviting greenery adorning the space.

The restaurant’s furniture choice creates a natural, relaxed ambiance that effortlessly draws diners in. The recycled timber furniture exudes rustic charm and contributes to comfort and familiarity.

Chin Chin Melbourne

Chin Chin Melbourne transcends the boundaries of mere food and service, transforming into a cultural tapestry that weaves new connections with its patrons. 

With a visionary approach akin to that of a film director, interior designer George Livissianis masterfully integrates drama, narrative, and intricate details into every aspect of the restaurant, and nowhere is this more evident than in the selection of its distinctive restaurant furniture.

The restaurant’s furniture is a symphony of curated drama and eclectic elements. From the mirror-polished bar that reflects the lively spirit of the establishment to the mix of leathers, fabrics, feathers, and chrome in the chairs that pay homage to the BDSM portrait, every furniture piece tells a story.

These pieces are conduits of the restaurant’s bold identity and unabashed character.


At Embla, the marriage of wood and wine takes center stage. The interior design creates an inviting atmosphere, where timber beams and exposed brick walls infuse the space with a warm, earthy essence. 

The restaurant furniture contributes significantly to this ambiance, providing functional seating and extending the space’s rustic narrative.

Moreover, Embla’s furniture choices are a tribute to the wine-focused ethos of the establishment. The space, adorned with abundant natural wood, resonates with a wine cellar’s intimacy. This seamless integration between furniture and concept makes it evident that every element has been carefully selected to enhance the overall dining experience.

Vesper Bistro and Bar

When you step into Vesper, you’re greeted by a street-front entrance leading you into a stylish bistro setting. The furniture design speaks volumes with its warm tones and modern metallic finishes.

Leather banquette seating in the front dining room and bar adds an understated luxury, inviting patrons to unwind and savor their dining experience.

As you venture deeper, the Green Room unveils itself as a hidden gem within Vesper. This space offers an oasis of tranquility and elegance. The furniture here is thoughtfully chosen to create an ambiance of serenity. The blue velvet banquette and sumptuous brown leather booths add richness layers, offering comfort and style.

Moreover, rich textures are woven throughout Vesper’s design, echoing the intricate layers of Mediterranean culture. Marble, leather, velvet, and more combine to create an environment that stimulates the senses. These textures are not just limited to the furniture but extend to the entire ambiance, adding depth and dimension to the dining experience.

Vesper’s restaurant furniture encapsulates more than just functional seating; it embodies the heart and soul of the restaurant’s concept. The carefully curated furniture choices reflect the love and passion with which food and drinks are prepared. 

They enhance the overall experience, enveloping diners in an atmosphere of elegance, warmth, and a genuine appreciation for the Mediterranean way of life.


These restaurants have elevated dining from a mere meal to an immersive journey, where furniture design isn’t just an afterthought but a cornerstone of their identity. Each carefully chosen chair, table, and fixture is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail that goes into curating a holistic dining experience.

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