4 Things You Need to Know About Farmhouse Style House Design

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Urbanization and its somewhat rapid growth do not always please all. To some people, it is a betrayal of nature. They prefer going back to how the environment used to be. One of the answers (and hopefully solutions) to this problem is a farmhouse-style house design.

What is a farmhouse-style house design? This style is more familiar to American culture, which is in rural areas or small towns. Perhaps you have seen these similar scenes in Hollywood movies, where houses are large but family-friendly inside—despite being separated from one another, mostly in the name of privacy.

This type of environment is highly influenced by the three antebellum styles, which are: Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, and Italianate. Some consider these styles romantic. Others find these types more practical and functional, with their boxy shapes and gable roofs. Their wide porches and clapboard siding make these houses in
the suburban areas look more classic, back to the good, old American dream.

What is so special about farmhouse-style house design? The house is large enough to cater to one or two big families and then to invite friends over. Imagine the Thanksgiving dinner with friends and neighbors and Christmas with relatives. The fireplace is the cozy part of the large living room, along with the large, rustic table for twenty guests.

A family gathering, with delicious meals on the table and the grand celebration, always gives one a warm, homey feeling. Perhaps it also reminds you of what you have been missing while continuously catching up with the rat race of the city. It is the place where you can relax and time seems to slow down. Well, even just a bit.

The general descriptions of a farmhouse style house design:
So, what is the typical farmhouse style is like in rural areas? There are four familiar points here:

1. The house usually has two stories or wings, or even both

Big and full of people are the common things about this house. Whether to welcome many people during holiday or the occupants are a big, happy family, the house usually has two stories. Imagine waking up to a beautiful, morning sight in the countryside from your balcony.

Do not feel like climbing the stairs a lot? You do not have to have a two-story house in the suburb. You can have it built as a two-winged house as an alternative. Either way, it is your choice.

2. The house usually has a pitched gable roof and often with dormers

Too lazy to open the window in the morning? In some of these houses, the pitched gable roof also has dormers, which are also known as ‘skylights.’ During summer, the sun comes in any way in the morning, which also helps you to save some electricity indoor.

3. The house is usually constructed in wood frames, with clapboard siding

In some rural areas in the United States, there are forests or woods nearby. That is why it does not take long to find good quality materials to build a house. This is also another most distinctive description of the farmhouse style house design.

4. The house usually has large porches—and the porches sometimes wrap around it

Some of these houses only have front porches, while others also have back porches. Those two are not connected.
However, there also houses that have porches that wrap around them. This means the front and the back porches are connected to each other. When you want to move from the front to the back (and vice versa), you no longer need to go inside the house. Just take a walk around your house from one porch to the other and there you are.

Now you get a general idea. Then, it is time for the next step.

Types of farmhouse style house design:
So, which do you prefer? There are various types of farmhouse-style house design that you can choose. Some are here:

1. A two-winged white house—clean and efficient

This house does not only have two stories but also one building faces front while the other smaller one is in the back. There is a welcoming hearth (fireplace), and its vaulted ceiling gives a sense of elegance for a formal entertaining spot. The wraparound porch makes the space room more efficient.

2. A barn-like house with a touch of modern style

This house combines traditional and modern styles, with its flower bushes and a path that leads to the front porch and the back of the house. It has three bedrooms and a very nice, wrap-around veranda. The board-and-batten siding and the sheltered entry make the house look much more charming.

3. The New American

If you like watching American soap operas in the old days (like back in the ‘80s), you will see an enormous country house as one of the location settings. Instead of just using mostly wood, this house also adds cobblestones for the wall materials. The house has two stories, four bedrooms, French windows, and a wraparound porch. You can even add a spacious driveway and garden.

Of course, these are only three of the many designs. You can even have your own ideas regarding the types of the farmhouse-style house design. Whether it is inspired by the good old American dream or a modification in-between, this house should be a place you can always call home sweet home.

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