5 Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas on a Tight Budget

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From time to time, we all want to give our home a little makeover. However, remodeling any room can be pricey, especially remodeling a kitchen. It can cost you an arm and a leg due to the custom cabinetry that needs to be installed, plumbing, and tile work.

If you don’t want to break the bank, consider doing some minor cosmetic repairs at least once every two years instead of remodeling your kitchen completely.

We prepared a list of the five best ways to remodel your kitchen on a tight budget. That’s how you can do wonders with a few hundred dollars in your pocket:

Coherently Colored Appliances

To make your kitchen look better, get appliances that match in color. It’s an easy way to make a big difference in your kitchen and improve its current look without spending much money. It only requires a lot of planning and attention to detail.

If there are more dark colors in your kitchen, consider getting white appliances; the contrast will help some kitchen elements stand out. These days, you can get a microwave or a blender in any color you like. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit and order colorful kitchen appliances. Believe it or not, green microwaves and blue refrigerations are quite trendy these days.

You can go one step further and decorate your kitchen with colorful accessories such as pans, baking trays, and napkin holders — it will surely give your kitchen the unique glow it deserves!

If you’re feeling fancy, you can consider installing a new build-in appliance, such as a new sink; it can make your kitchen look brand new. You can find a variety of unique sinks online, in all colors! Check out farmhouse sink colors to get inspired on what a small addition to your kitchen can make it look like!

Paint Color

Change some colors in your kitchen! It’s an excellent way to give any room in your house a makeover. Did you know that the paint colors you choose around your home can significantly influence your mood? Well, now you do, and you should take notes of that and pick a paint color for your kitchen that will allow you to win any bake-off!

You can make it even cheaper if you decide to do it yourself rather than hiring a professional contractor. Depending on the size of your kitchen, this DIY project can take a week. It means you will have to eat out several days or move back home to your parents. In any case, it will only motivate you to finish your kitchen remodeling project faster.


New curtains, lighting fixtures, and uniquely designed accessories can give your kitchen the glow it deserves! You can find various uniquely designed kitchen accessories online, which will make your kitchen look bougie on a budget!

New curtains can give the space a contemporary vibe, especially when it’s combined with a great lighting fixture. Uniquely designed accessories such as paper towel holders can make it stand out without dedicating money for a whole kitchen renovation.

Knobs, Handles, Pulls

This is the secret to it all! You can improve your kitchen without having to spend a fortune on it. Choosing, and installing new knobs, handles, and pulls can give your kitchen a brand new, modern look at almost no cost.

It can instantly modernize your kitchen and add some new colors and textures that can style your kitchen the way you want it. We’re thinking about gold knobs currently, combined with gold accessories, what do you think?

New Furniture

Cabinetry ordered specifically to fit the area can be very expensive and can cost you thousands of dollars without even adding the cost of countertops. However, purchasing some new furniture can add a new dimension to your kitchen and give it a unique, updated vibe.

A new kitchen table, along with some chairs that match your kitchen’s color scheme, can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen area. You can find new pieces in the second-hand furniture stores in your town. If you are a DIY enthusiast, consider redoing kitchen cabinets without replacing them.

The Bottom Line

After some time of living in the same place, your interior preferences might change. However, renovations can be expensive and give you a headache with all the stress related to it. That’s why it’s great to give your kitchen a little fast lift without going overboard with the expenses.

Tryout tips if you want to get your kitchen a new look, and see for yourself how big of a difference those small touches and additions really can make. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, you can easily find most of the things we recommended online. Do your research and find options at good prices. Kitchen remodeling is easier than you think!

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