10 Stylish Patio Ideas to Try In Your Own Spaces

House Of Courtyards 11

A little garden, courtyard, forecourt, or yard can be categorized as a patio. A patio is a place outside the house that can be used for recreation or dining. It is an outdoor area of your house for relaxing and enjoying awesome views around your house.

We have 10 stylish patio ideas to inspire you so you can try to create your own patio. Check them out!

1. House in Vilobí d’Onyar by 05AM Architecture

House In Vilobí D'Onyar 6

The stylish patio idea in House in Vilobí d’Onyar is about connecting the outside and inside the house. The living room opens to the patio largely to blur the boundaries between outside and inside, connecting the house to the site where it sits.

Photography: courtesy 05AM Architecture


2. Divided House by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

Divided House 12

The continuous design can be seen in the patio of this awesome house. Designed by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects, Divided House has a stylish patio idea that is completed with patio furniture and an outdoor fireplace. The living area of the house opens to this patio.

Photography: John Gollings


3. The Seven House by AUM Architects

The Seven House 3

Besides the patio furniture, the stylish patio idea in The Seven House is also about a pool. Designed by AUM Architects, the indoor area and the patio is separated by a glazed wall so one also can see the view outside from the inside.

Photography: AUM Architects


4. SAB House by PSV Arquitectura

SAB House 68

The stylish patio idea in this modern house is about creating a relaxing space to enjoy the green meadow at the back of the house. SAB House is designed by PSV Arquitectura, a modern house with stone-clad walls and concrete slabs.

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte


5. House of Courtyards by Bloco Arquitetos

House Of Courtyards 11

If you want to have a simple patio in your house, try the stylish patio idea from this big modern house. Designed by Bloco Arquitetos, House of Courtyards has a small area of patio that is completed with patio furniture. Besides this patio, this house also has a green roof.

Photographer: Haruo Mikami


6. GSM House by OTP arquitetura

GSM House 4

Designed by OTP arquitetura, GSM House is a pleasant place with an awesome patio that has a pool. The stylish patio idea in this house is about connecting the interior and exterior area of the house where the living area opens to the patio that has a pool.

Photographer: Guilherme Pucci


7. MR House by TEC Workshop

MR House 2

This big house has spacious spaces and a spacious patio as well. Designed by TEC Workshop, MR House uses its patio as an outdoor dining and living area. This patio is also shaded by a wooden cover which can attract everyone’s attention.

Photographer: JAG Studio



Ghouma Farm House 6

Adding a pool to your house patio is one of the best stylish patio ideas. Just like the patio in Ghouma Farm House by CANDIDA TABET ARQUITETURA, its large patio is completed with patio furniture and pool. Some greenery is also added to bring cool air circulation.



9. KB House by TEC Taller EC

KB House 3

Designed by TEC Taller EC, KB House is a big house that has a large patio. There is a pool on this patio that is surrounded by a green meadow. The glass opening allows one to enjoy the view around the patio right from the inside of the house.

Photographer: Lorena Darquea


10. Gloucester Ave House by Murdock Solon Architects

Gloucester Ave House 1

The stylish patio idea in Gloucester Ave House is only about patio furniture and a pool. It is a simple idea for you who want to create a comfortable patio without using many things. The glazed door allows one to enjoy the view of the patio.

Photography: Murdock Solon Architects

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