5 Minimalist Bedroom Interior Ideas With Wood Accent Wall As The Focal Point

Two poster frames mockup in minimalist bedroom interior, gray tones, 3d rendering

Besides painting your bedroom wall in your favorite color, doing an accent wall is another great idea to increase the look of your bedroom interior.

An accent wall can make your bedroom more interesting, removing the plain and creating an exciting look. A small bedroom is also recommended to have an accent wall because it makes the space larger than it seems. Moreover, an accent wall creates texture as well.

There are a lot of items that you can add to your accent wall but the most recommended one for beginners is adding wood. A wood accent wall can be your bedroom’s unique focal point. The wood element can add a touch of cozy. It is also perfect for you who want to go rural or rustic.

Need more inspiration? Check out our minimalist bedroom interior ideas with a wood accent wall as the focal point below to find the best look for your bedroom.

1. Old Orchard by BMA Architects

Old Orchard 12

The first minimalist bedroom interior idea with a wood accent wall can be seen in Old Orchard by BMA Architects. It is a modern house with the idea of creating a simple look in its interior, including its bedroom interior.

Beautified in white, the bedroom looks inviting and cozy. A wood element is added to the wall behind the white drawer storage. There is also abstract art that improves the whole look of the room.

Photography: JOSHUA MCHUGH


2. Ster House by DELUTION

Ster House 22

The minimalist bedroom interior idea with a wood accent wall in Ster House by DELUTION can invite one to come and relax. This idea is about adding wood slats for bedroom walls to create a wood accent wall. Besides the wall behind the bed, you can also add wood slats on the wall behind the mirror just like this.

Photographer: Fernando Gomulya


3. Moscow Evenings by Kerimov Architect

Moscow Evenings 11

In Moscow Evenings by Kerimov Architect, the minimalist bedroom interior idea with a wood accent wall helps the room shows its true color which is warm and cozy. Timber panels are used to beautify the wall behind the bed.

The result is not only a modern bedroom with an elegant look but also a modern bedroom with a warm atmosphere thanks to the wooden floor.

Photographer: Sergey Ananiev


4. RaeRae House by Austin Maynard Architects

RaeRae House 4

The minimalist bedroom interior idea with a wood accent wall and simple look also can be seen in RaeRae House by Austin Maynard Architects. This new five-bedroom family home adds a wood accent wall to beautify its bedroom interior.

It is an idea about creating a wood accent wall behind the bed. Instead of designing the whole interior in white, a purple rug and a cozy bed in moody colors are presented to make the room more interesting and inviting.

Photographer: Peter Bennetts, Stephanie Rooney


5. Dom Sokolow by Widawscy Studio Architektury

Dom Sokolow 8

If you want to have an elegant look in your bedroom, this minimalist bedroom interior idea with a wood accent wall is perfect for you. Dom Sokolow by Widawscy Studio Architektury uses wood slats for the wall behind its bedroom bed as a focal point.

Besides wood slats, this bedroom also uses bricks to beautify another part of the wall. The result is a minimalist modern bedroom with an awesome look and texture.

Photographer: Olivia Rae James

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