3 Interior Design Tips for Your Home Renovation Project

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Sometimes it can be tricky to know where to start when you embark on an interior design, or home renovation project. There is often a lot to think about and plan for, not to mention big decisions, budget planning, and timescales. Everyone wants things to go smoothly when beginning work on any major project, so here are 3 design tips for your home renovation project, in hopes that they will help aid you in the swift and successful completion of your journey.

Figure out what you don’t like

Often working backward is a great place to start when trying to decide on a lot of things. It can be overwhelming and a bit too much, as the smallest thought could sway your mind from one thing to another. However, when it comes to things that you don’t like, these are often far more ingrained within us. For example, when deciding on color schemes you automatically disregard any color you are not fond of, leaving a smaller selection to choose from. You can use this same subconscious tactic in almost every application to aid in making quicker and better decisions.

Think about all the details

It can be easy to focus a lot of your attention on the big changes when planning your interior design or home renovation such as paint, wallpaper, carpets, large appliances, or furniture. However, it is important to think about and plan for the smaller details too such as door handles, pluck sockets, and other fixtures and fittings. You should also consider the important features of your room, such as the windows and doors. The way these are dressed and treated will make a huge difference to the design. These smaller details often bring out the final feeling and can add a lot of character to a room. If you are unsure about what kind of window dressings to use, then you can always visit aaaplantationshutters.com.au for some inspiration.

Choosing the right paints

Whether you are doing a large-scale renovation and interior design rehaul, or if you are simply just redecorating a single room, how you choose your paint is very important. It is known that color and light affect our moods greatly and this should be taken into consideration when choosing. Colors can affect us all differently, but there are some general principles that you should take into account, even if a color does not have any effect on you specifically as it may affect others. For instance, blues are known to be cooler and calming, versus reds and oranges which are warmer and radiate more energy. Be mindful also of the finish and placement of the colors. Matte paint will dull any ambient light that enters the room, whereas a gloss will reflect the light more. Something you can do to check this is sample your paints and cover small areas of the room to see how the paint type and color work in the room before committing to the whole wall.

An important thing to remember with any project you take on is to not rush, take your time and plan accordingly.

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