On the Water: A Summer Guesthouse with A Long Spiral Shape

On The Water 3

Located in Tochigi, Japan, On the Water is a 2015 completed project designed by Nikken Sekkei Ltd. It is a summer house situated on the lakeside, designed with a long spiral shape so the guests can enjoy walks along the waterfront with stunning views.


On The Water 1

On The Water 2

On The Water 3

On The Water 4

On The Water 5

It is an awesome summer guesthouse that offers pleasant days for all guests on the waterfront. Besides the comfortable weather, this guesthouse also offers a long spiral form that can be found all the way of the building to the bedrooms.



On The Water 6

On The Water 7

On The Water 8

The unique spiral shape of this building can allow the guests to enjoy pleasant walks along the waterfront with stunning views. These views can constantly change as the guests move along the waterfront. This project transforms this guesthouse into a perfect place where people have a fun and awesome time in summer.


On the Water Gallery


Photographers: Gankosha, Harunori Noda, Nacasa & Partners

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