LA House: A Unique Family House with A Welcoming and Warm Feeling

LA House 1

Surrounded by a green landscape, LA House is a unique family house designed by Force4 Architects. Scandinavian simplicity and English brown bricks are combined to provide a welcoming and warm feeling.


LA House 1

LA House 2

LA House 3

The green landscape around this house consists of a golf course and a protected nature reserve. It is a unique house that is designed and built for a Danish / English family, combining English brown bricks for the outside and Scandinavian simplicity inside.



LA House 4

LA House 5

LA House 6

This house is secluded on the grounds to maximize the awesome views of the green spaces and also create privacy.

One large open plan on the ground floor combines a sofa area, dining area, and kitchen in one room. Glass folding doors are used to connect this plan to the large outdoor wooden terrace, creating an almost fluid transition between inside and outside of the house.



LA House 7

LA House 8

The location on the plot and in nature can be emphasized thanks to the facade in dark brick of English clay and fine details in the wood. Creating a monolithic expression, the house’s roof is covered with bricks that are made of the same clay as the bricks.

This house is rounded at the corner and is clad in wood at the entrance while the welcoming and warm feeling comes from the wood and the bricks.


LA House


Photography: Force4 Architects

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