Vasakronan Uppsala: Colorful Interior of An Exciting Company Office with “A Campus” Theme

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Vasakronan Uppsala has invested in many office developments. With an awesome design from the Studio Stockholm designers, the company’s regional office in Uppsala turns into an exciting company office with a colorful interior based on “A Campus” theme. This project size takes 1000 square meters and started in 2013 with a completed result in 2015.


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The colorful interior design in this regional office can beautify the modern style and creating an interesting office interior. This interior design is also made based on the concept that can create an activity-based office for the company.



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A clear concept of ‘a campus’ is used with a clear strategic goal and an activity-based approach. This concept can evoke the innovation, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and curiosity inside the office between all staff.



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The office space is designed in an open style and an inspiring environment. This open space combines with hubs and nooks, creating an energizing and peaceful atmosphere. Studio Stockholm also designs a lounge instead of a reception area, providing a welcoming space for all people in the office.



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Studio Stockholm chooses some sustainable materials based on the long-term environmental thinking of the office. Those materials become a concept key ingredient to create an open floor on some areas for an easy adaptation and division, especially in smaller offices.



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Some reused, self-produced and new furniture are combined with furnishing solutions. This combination can create a dynamic atmosphere in the office. The mix and match color on the furniture also can support the colorful interior of the office, creating an interesting office to be seen.

Via studiostockholm

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