Airbnb Tokyo: Functional Office Space with Modern Interior and Japanese Traditional Culture

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Airbnb Tokyo is a 2016 project by Suppose Design Office located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan with 600 meter square of its total area. This project is about their mission to create functional office space that reflects the company culture. With a modern interior design and Japanese traditional culture, this Tokyo office can strength the new neighboorhood in Airbnb’s working environment.


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The modern interior in this office space is combined with traditional Japanese culture. The wood element is also used to make a natural look from the reception and cafe area. Airbnb’s Environments Team works together with Suppose Design Office and local architects to create this amazing workspace.



Airbnb Tokyo 2

Airbnb Tokyo 3

The whole office spaces in this project are configured with a good system. Previously, the employee can’t have good engagement and communication because of the limited communal space. Today, with cafes, lounges, phone booths, project tables, and height adjustable desks, the engagement and socializing can be increased.



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The nature accent is added to the new modern interior design, a response to the employee feedback that wishes for a peaceful working space. They can have a tranquil setting surrounded by fresh plants inspired by the park environment.



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The Engawa is the key element for this Airbnb’s new office in Tokyo. It is an elevated platform with Tatami mats on it as a cover, inspired by the traditional Japanese culture. The employee can take off their shoes and seat on the cushions, enjoying the Shinjuku awesome view.



Airbnb Tokyo 8

Airbnb Tokyo 9

Suppose Design Office uses local white oak and rice paper film to design the tea house phone booths. Those materials can emulate the beautiful and soft glow of the typical Japanese tea house well. Most of the furniture and even the floor are also made of wood, creating a warmer and natural atmosphere into the office space.



Airbnb Tokyo 10

Airbnb Tokyo 11

The fixed low ceiling becomes one of the biggest challenges for the architect to create a modern interior design in this office, including the monotonous ceiling tiles too. For the final design, the black ceiling and dropped lighting are combined to create a higher ceiling look with a bigger office space impression.



Airbnb Tokyo 12

New Light Pottery is assigned to realize the beautiful lighting designs for this Airbnb Tokyo office. The lighting designs are bespoke with support from the local craftsmanship. The lighting in cafe area is inspired by the lanterns that float up into the sky and the use of wall sconces are inspired by the outdoor street lighting.

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