10 Wooden Deck Designs to Hang Out with Family And Friends

Wooden deck on house near forest

One of the best places in your home to hang out with your family and friends is your home deck. A deck can be a comfortable outdoor area for recreational purposes, including sunbathing and grilling. In order to make it looks inviting, it is recommended to have a seating area in your deck as well.

Here are 10 wooden deck designs to hang out with family and friends that can inspire you to design your own deck.

1. Ridgewood House by Assembledge+

Ridgewood House 3

A wooden deck design in Ridgewood House by Assembledge+ is completed with a simple seating area. This awesome house also has a rooftop deck to provide the owner with an enjoyable view. It is also a unique house that is supported by strong details and an eclectic material palette.

Photographer: Michael Weschler


2. Brodecky by Atlas Architects

Brodecky 1

An awesome wooden deck design also can be seen in Brodecky by Atlas Architects. This new-double storey residence has a small deck with a simple seating area. Some pots of greenery are also added to create fresh air.

Photographer: Tess Kelly Photography


3. Broadway Penthouse by Joel Sanders Architect

Broadway Penthouse 2

It is a loft renovation that also has a stunning wooden deck design. Broadway Penthouse by Joel Sanders Architect offers a comfortable and warm wooden deck with a seating area. In this deck, the owner can enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding city.

Photographer: Peter Aaron (OTTO)


4. House Jordaan by Hugo Hamity Architects

House Jordaan 1

The amazing wooden deck design in House Jordaan by Hugo Hamity Architects is perfect for you who have a big house. This modern house has a large wooden deck with a comfortable seating area. There is also a pool that gives additional entertaining media.

Photography: Hugo Hamity Architects


5. FIO by Studio MK27

FIO 14

The best thing about this single-family house its is awesome wooden deck design. FIO by Studio MK27 offers a large wooden deck with a lot of comfortable seating areas. These seating areas are beautified by colorful deck furniture.

Photographer: Fernando Guerra


6. Wooster Street Loft by WORKac

Wooster Street Loft 11

Wooster Street Loft by WORKac has a new private roof deck with a stunning wooden deck design. This roof deck is completed with an outdoor shower and a green roof “garden”. The garden can provide fresh air and an inviting look.

Photographer: Adam Friedberg


7. Paradiso by Tao Architecture

Paradiso 11

Designed as a suburban paradise, Paradiso by Tao Architecture has an amazing wooden deck design complete with a pool and a cozy seating area. This deck becomes a perfect place to enjoy the sunlight when summer comes.

Photographer: Vivek Sharma


8. House Carbon by Alexis Dornier

House Carbon 6

If you live in a tropical area, the wooden deck design in this vacation gateway is recommended for you. House Carbon by Alexis Dornier has an awesome wooden deck with a fresh pool. This deck is designed around the tropical garden.

Photography: Kie


9. Hill House by Hybrid Architecture

Hill House 8

Hill House by Hybrid Architecture has an awesome wooden deck design that can be seen in its rooftop deck. This single-family house provides its residents with a stunning rooftop deck where there is a comfortable seating area.

Photography: Lara Swimmer, Spencer Radford


10. Perrin Residence by Abramson Architects

Perrin Residence 1

A complete wooden deck design can be found in Perrin Residence by Abramson Architects. It is a beach house that has an awesome roof deck with a large seating area. This deck becomes the best place to enjoy the beach view.

Photographer: Douglas Hill

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