House Jordaan: A Modern House with A Steel Frame Structure and Elevated Pool

House Jordaan 9

Located in Thabazimbi, Limpopo, House Jordaan shows its awesome steel frame structure and elevated pool. This modern house is designed by Hugo Hamity Architects, perched on the rocky ledge of the Kransberg nature reserve with a beautiful valley below. This project is completed by the architect in 2017.


House Jordaan 1

House Jordaan 2

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The edge between the house is formed by the elevated pool, including the terrace and infinity views of the beautiful landscape. A steel structure is used to avoid foundations that will deface the rock. This way also only bolts steel plates that resting onto the rock surface that used without excavations to preserve the rock below.



House Jordaan 4

House Jordaan 5

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The layout of this house is rectilinear with the guest room, main bedroom, cottages, and main house living areas. These rooms are connected through a suspended wooden deck externally. The main bedroom, guest room, and main house living area are also connected through steel bridges and “floating” glass.


House Jordaan Gallery


Photography: Hugo Hamity Architects

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