Penthouse In Costa Blanca 21

Penthouse in Costa Blanca: A Penthouse Refurbishment with Different Elements and Stunning Bay Views

Located in the Costa Blanca of the Mediterranean Sea, Alicante, Spain, Penthouse in Costa Blanca is a refurbishment project by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Complete in 2019, this 165 m2 penthouse has two floors designed with different elements. The advantage of stunning bay views is also taken to complete the design and it becomes the most important element in this project.

Sant Antoni Lofts 7

Sant Antoni Lofts: An 1880’s Apartment Conversion with A System of Sliding Doors and Porticos

Sant Antoni Lofts is a 2018 conversion project of an 1880’s apartment located in the Sant Antoni district of Barcelona, Spain. Completed by Román Izquierdo Bouldstridge, this 109 sqm apartment is transformed into two lofts with a new housing scenery. The system of sliding doors and porticos are added, reminiscent of the Japanese traditional house.

Montjuic Apartment 3

Montjuic Apartment: An Apartment Renovation with A New Domestic Atmosphere and Frame-Like Partitions

Through a poetic composition of white frames, a new domestic atmosphere can be created in Montjuic Apartment. It is an apartment renovation completed in 2019 with 58 m2 in size. Located in Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain, Román Izquierdo Bouldstridge tries to create boundaries with the new frame-like partitions that connect the different spaces in an abstract language.

Les Corts Apartment 4

Les Corts Apartment: An Apartment Renovation with Open Spaces and White Color Presence

Designed by Román Izquierdo Bouldstridge, Les Corts Apartment is a 2015 apartment renovation project of a sixties residential building. This building was designed by the famous architect Francesc Mitjans located in the Barcelona district of Les Corts in the old plot of Camp Nou Stadium. With 83 sqm, the intention of this renovation project is to open up its spaces and beautified it with a white color presence.

Costa Brava House 4

Costa Brava House: A Garden Apartment with A New Domestic Architecture and Unique Atmosphere

Costa Brava House is a 2019 project of a garden apartment designed by Román Izquierdo Bouldstridge with 134 sqm in size. This apartment is located in a Begur urbanization at the Costa Brava coast, Girona, Spain. It is a project with an opportunity to reinterpret the Japanese traditional house with new fluid and flexible spatial relationships. New domestic architecture also can be created by merging some elements into a unique atmosphere.

Multidisciplinary Design Office 7

Multidisciplinary Design Office: A Mid-Nineteenth Century Space Conversion with Old Constructed Forms and New Geometry

This mid-nineteenth century space is transformed into a multidisciplinary design office by Román Izquierdo Bouldstridge to recuperate the heritage value of its existing architecture. Multidisciplinary Design Office is a 2018 project located in El Born, Barcelona with 69 sqm. Creating an atmosphere where the old constructed forms highlight the new geometry is the principal concept of this awesome project.

A Single Family Home Rehabilitation In Miraflores 6

A Single-Family Home Rehabilitation in Miraflores: A New Home with Original Stone Volumes and Warm Interiors

Located in Miraflores, Muros, Spain, this rehabilitation project is completed by Fuertespenedo Arquitectos in 2018. It is a 264 m² single-family home on a steep plot that was originally composed of two attached volumes. The project proposal for A Single-Family Home Rehabilitation in Miraflores is based on the understanding of the place, supported by original stone volumes and warm interiors that considered as a fluid space.

2L Attic 4

2L Attic: A Modern Penthouse with A Pleasant, Special Space and Valuable Details

The main goal of this 2016 project is to recreate a pleasant, special space through a modern penthouse. 2L Attic is a comfortable penthouse designed by La Errería and it is located in Spain. With 61 m² in size, this project is not only recreating a special space but also a versatile and flexible space. Every detail is also emphasized to value the environment’s virtues surroundings.