ROW HOUSE: White Interiors and A Functional Program for Maximum Possible Square Meters

ROW HOUSE comes in a white square form with a flat roof and glazed doors, located in El Prat de Llobregat, Spain. This house is designed by Raul Sanchez Architects in 2016 and completed in 2019. With 225 sqm of the indoor size and 60 sqm of the outdoor size, this house offers white interiors with a very clear functional program as the requirements. The goal is to build the maximum possible square meters in a house.


GALLERY HOUSE: An Encounter between An Art Gallery, A Small Hotel, and A Family House

It only takes two years for Raul Sanchez Architects to complete this multipurpose project located in La Pobla de Cérvoles, Spain. GALLERY HOUSE is 300 sqm in size, offering an encounter between a family house, a small hotel, and an art gallery. This house is bought by the owners of the Mas Blanch i Jové close to the winery, reforming it to accommodate the growing number of visitors and also used it throughout the family.

JMC Zalla 7

JMC Zalla: A Single-Family Home with A Contemporary Character and Modern Design

Just like other projects designed by i2G Arquitectos, this house is also designed as a high energy efficiency house based on principles of passive architecture. These principles are aimed at an ”almost zero” energy consumption structure through many things, including control of air infiltration, optimization of solar and indoor temperature gains, elimination of thermal bridges, and continuous high-performance thermal insulation in the house envelope.

Arrankudiaga Unif 8

Arrankudiaga Unif: A Single-Family Home with A Singular Volumetry and Passive Architecture Principles

The design is also oriented towards the PASSIVHAUS standard of building energy efficiency and “almost zero” energy consumption to deliver energy modeling, optimization of solar gains and indoor temperature, high-performance carpentry, controlled ventilation with heat recovery, control of air infiltration, elimination of thermal bridges, and continuous high-performance thermal insulation in the envelope of the building.

Theatre House 21

Theatre House: An Old Village Theatre Transformation with Spatial and Constructive Values

Through this project, the architect also tries to respect the maximum the original condition of the existing warehouse. The structure of the existing warehouse is not modified, only reinforced. The few new architectural elements are added and the walls are not demolished just restored. The idea of this project is to build without affecting the existing and understanding that a theatre will have another life and another use over time surely.

Sunflower House 8

Sunflower House: A Fully Exposed House as A Big Sollar Collector with Strong Relationship to the Open Sea

This project relies on its geometry, especially for its struggle and strength. All the materials for this project are typical of the area, including the structure and the outdoor finishes of the walls. Due to the need in responding to the requirements, only the glazing incorporates thicknesses and technologies more typical of skyscrapers than for a project of single houses.

Font 6 Apartment 11

Font 6 Apartment: Colorful Remodel of A Compact Apartment with Modern Eclectic Interior

The modern eclectic interior in Font 6 Apartment is quirky. Designed by a Barcelona architect, the signature style of his studio is used to remodel this apartment. The co-founder of CaSa, Andrea Serboli, purchased the apartment steps to make it his living place. With a choppy layout that can partition the compact shape, 800 square foot of the total area is transformed by Margherita Serboli Arquitectura and CaSa.