South Africa

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La Lucia: A Seaside Retreat with Modern Interiors and Sliding Screen Panels

Completed in 2011 by SAOTA Architecture and Design, La Lucia is a residential project located in Durban, South Africa. It is a delicate seaside retreat that sits on the water’s edge, designed with sliding screen panels to allow the house to cocoon itself. The architect works with ARRCC for its modern interiors.

Invermark: A Modern House Inspired by Two Iconic Modernist Houses

In 1969, Invermark was designed originally for himself by respected South African architect Gilbert Colynand also inspired by two iconic modernist houses: Mies van der Rohe’s 1951 Farnsworth House and Phillip Johnson’s 1949 Glass House. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, this project is completed in 2015 by SAOTA Architecture and Design.

Parktown North: A House Renovation with Prestressed Steel Ceilings

It is a renovation project of an 85-year-old house in Gauteng, South Africa. Parktown North is renovated by Hugo Hamity Architects and completed in 2005. This house has an architectural design that respects the plan layout of the original house and materials such as prestressed steel ceilings.

House Avi-Michael: A Modern House with An Open Terrace on the Rooftop

Designed by Hugo Hamity Architects, House Avi-Michael offers a modern house that is comfortable with its design and layout. This house is completed in 2002, located in a trendy suburb of Parkhurst. The main feature of this house is its open terrace on the rooftop where one can enjoy the sunset views.

House Saramago: A Luxurious Residential Design with External Private Views

This luxurious residential design is located in Gauteng, South Africa, and designed by Hugo Hamity Architects. The design of this modern house is completed in 2003, supported by its external private views surrounding. House Saramago is one of the most comfortable houses in the area where one can have a balanced connection with nearby nature.

House O’Connor: A Single-Storey House with A Luxurious View of the Open Nature Reserve

Completed in 2006 by Hugo Hamity Architects, House O’Connor is a single-storey house located in Gauteng, South Africa. This house sits on the border of an open nature reserve that offers a luxurious view. The design of this house is one of the best architectural designs in South Africa.

House Lupambo: An Elevated House with A Steel Structure for Private Views of the Sunset

Located in the south of Johannesburg, House Lupambo is built on top of a rocky mountain. Completed by Hugo Hamity Architects in 2006, the idea of this project is to respect the rock by elevating this house on a steel structure. By this elevation, one can enjoy private views of the sunset comfortably.

House Cooper: An Architectural House Design with Different “Blocks”

This house is located in a residential estate within a beautiful nature reserve in Gauteng. House Cooper is designed by Hugo Hamity Architects and completed in 2007. The layout of this house is divided into some different “blocks” that connected by glazed links bridging between the trees.

House Beswick: An African Contemporary Design with Two Sections and Two Areas of Roof

Situated within a nature reserve, House Beswick is an African contemporary design by Hugo Hamity Architects. This house is located in a residential estate in Meyersdal, Johannesburg, Gauteng. Completed in 2009, this house is divided into two sections while its roof is divided into two areas.