South Africa

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House Lupambo: An Elevated House with A Steel Structure for Private Views of the Sunset

Located in the south of Johannesburg, House Lupambo is built on top of a rocky mountain. Completed by Hugo Hamity Architects in 2006, the idea of this project is to respect the rock by elevating this house on a steel structure. By this elevation, one can enjoy private views of the sunset comfortably.

House Cooper: An Architectural House Design with Different “Blocks”

This house is located in a residential estate within a beautiful nature reserve in Gauteng. House Cooper is designed by Hugo Hamity Architects and completed in 2007. The layout of this house is divided into some different “blocks” that connected by glazed links bridging between the trees.

House Beswick: An African Contemporary Design with Two Sections and Two Areas of Roof

Situated within a nature reserve, House Beswick is an African contemporary design by Hugo Hamity Architects. This house is located in a residential estate in Meyersdal, Johannesburg, Gauteng. Completed in 2009, this house is divided into two sections while its roof is divided into two areas.

House Viljoen: A Modern House with Vernacular Cape Dutch Style

Completed in 2014, House Viljoen is one of the most beautiful houses in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. Designed by Hugo Hamity Architects, this house is overlooking a vineyard with uninterrupted views. This house also becomes a modern interpretation of the vernacular Cape Duct style with a unique structure and finish.

House Jordaan: A Modern House with A Steel Frame Structure and Elevated Pool

Located in Thabazimbi, Limpopo, House Jordaan shows its awesome steel frame structure and elevated pool. This modern house is designed by Hugo Hamity Architects, perched on the rocky ledge of the Kransberg nature reserve with a beautiful valley below. This project is completed by the architect in 2017.

House Bellavida: An Elevated Steel Structure with Elevated “Floating” Deck and Pool

This awesome house is located in Salt Rock, north of Durban, designed by Hugo Hamity Architects. Completed in 2015, House Bellavida is designed on an east-west axis direction to take an advantage of the ventilation, sun, and views of the Indian ocean. This house has an elevated steel structure with an elevated “floating” deck and pool.

House Milne: East and West Wing Design with Traditional Stable Elements

Completed by Hugo Hamity Architects in 2017, House Milne is designed in two wings: East and West. This modern house is located in Lanseria, North of Johannesburg, South Africa. It sits in one of the most sought after golf and equestrian residential estates in South Africa. Some awesome materials are also used to represent the traditional stable elements.

Head 1818: A Young Family House with Bold Contemporary Lines and Extended Planes

This young family house is a pure, sculpted object for SAOTA Architecture and Design. Completed in 2012, Head 1818 is located in Cape Town, South Africa, and owned by clients that need a four-bedroom home for their young family. They need a design that has to encapsulate all the qualities of luxury open-plan living and also providing a homely environment. The result is a house with bold contemporary lines and extended planes in its language.

Mooikloof Heights: A Spectacular Home with Natural Stone and Rusted Steel Panels

Situated on a north sloping 15000sq.m. site, Mooikloof Heights is a spectacular home that can be stretched to extend to nearly 85m from east to west. This big house is located in East of Tshwane in Gauteng, South Africa, designed by Nico van der Meulen. Clad with natural stone and rusted steel panels, the house ables to frame the openings in the facade and provides a style of open plan living for its residents.