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Sunny Side House: A Family House with Natural Light and Better-Ventilated Spaces

With 3950 sqft in size, Sunny Side House offers natural light and better-ventilated spaces for a family of five. It is a modern family house designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design located in Serangoon, Singapore. The idea is about creating house spaces that don’t need to be defined and arranged too rigidly for cultural or formal hierarchies.

Bamboo Veil House: A Minimalist Tropical House with A Wide Social Space

Located in Bukit Timah, Singapore with 4150 sqft in size, Bamboo Veil House is a residential project designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design. The brief from the owner is simple: a minimalist tropical house with a wide social space. The tropical design can be seen in the attic and the first storey of the house.

Verdant Verandah: Celebrating Nature as An Integral Part of A Semi-Detached House

This semi-detached house is a residential project completed in 2018 by HYLA Architects. Verdant Verandah is located in Princess of Wales Road, Singapore, with 549 m2 in size of its gross floor area. With the pool and heavy planting around the house, this project celebrates surrounding nature as an integral part of the house building.

Viewing Back: A Semi-Detached House with A Modern Interior and Mesmerizing View

Completed in 2017 by HYLA Architects, Viewing Back is a two-storey semi-detached house located in Singapore. Sits behind an unassuming face of granite and glass, this house offers a mesmerizing view with a glimpse into the garden of Singapore’s former Command House. The interior is finished with a modern interior that comes from different materials.

Open Ended House: A Large House with A Delightful Tropical Shade

A family of six needs a much larger space for their teenage children. They purchased a semi-detached plot near a house that Wallflower Architecture previously designed. Open Ended House is located in Bukit Timah, Singapore with 4250 sqft in size. Multiple layering is added to this house to create a delightful tropical shade that is secure and cool.

Wind Vault House: A Family House with Timber Screens on the North and South Facades

The overall form of this house is pushed to the envelope limits. Wind Vault House is a residential project by Wallflower Architecture + Design located in East Coast, Singapore. Used as a family house, large celebratory functions also feature for the client. The highlight of this house is its north and south facades that designed with timber screens.

Far Sight House: A Home of Two Stories with Different Expressions of Material and Composition

Located in Bukit Timah, Singapore with 4250 sqft in size, Far Sight House sits on high ground with wonderful views overlooking the greener. It is a residential project by Wallflower Architecture + Design with a brief from a client: designing a two-storey home with a roof terrace and an attic. This house is designed with different expressions of material and composition as well.

The Space Between Walls: A Semi-Detached House with Courtyard Spaces

It is a 2017 residential project located in Princess of Wales Road, Singapore. Designed by HYLA Architects, The Space Between Walls is a project of a semi-detached house that detaches from its party wall and facade. This separation creates courtyards spaces for ventilation and light.

Green Revelation: A Detached House with Separate Gardens and Courtyards

It is a three-storey detached house with a rooftop swimming pool and attic located in Singapore. Designed by HYLA Architects, Green Revelation has six separate gardens and courtyards at various levels. It also has a unique sliding aluminum screen that offers an awesome view and protects the house from heat as well.