Travertine Dream House 18

Travertine Dream House: A Modern House with A Lot of Gardens and Water Bodies

Designed by Wallflower Architecture, Travertine Dream House is a residential project located in Singapore. The brief for this house is simple: maximizing the usable area of the house and incorporating greenery. Travertine is used for the architectural finish copiously. A lot of gardens and water bodies are spread throughout the house while its design is inspired by the Italian urbanscape.

Enclosed Open House 12

Enclosed Open House: A Spacious, Contemporary House for Serenity Experience

Located in East Coast, Singapore, Enclosed Open House is a residential project of a contemporary house with 12,800 sqft in size. The solution for the owners in this project who want to have a spacious house that would be as open as possible without compromising privacy and security is a fully fenced compound with a spatial program. This house becomes the place for the owners to experience serenity.