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Vasco da Gama: A Modern Apartment with A Curved Wall Design

It is a singular architectural project of a modern apartment with interior small dimensions located in Lisboa, Portugal. The original internal shape of the space in Vasco da Gama makes it lose quality as an architectural building object. Completed by VERUM ATELIER in 2016, a curved wall is also designed as one of the strongest concepts of this project.

EUA Apartment: A Total Refurbishment of the Former Doorman’s House with White Interiors

Completed in 2018, EUA Apartment is a total refurbishment project of the former doorman’s house by João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos. this apartment is located on the top floor of a building, placed in one of Lisbon’s most vibrant axes, Portugal. Despite the small dimensions, this apartment has a large terrace with privileged views and beautiful white interiors.

Sidónio Pais II Apartment: An Apartment Renovation with A Herringbone Wooden Floor

It is an apartment renovation located in a green area in Lisbon’s center that close to Parque Eduardo VII. Sidónio Pais II Apartment was an office and its original features had already been distorted before the renovation. Designed by João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos with 2906 ft² in size, this apartment offers the original herringbone wooden floor that makes the interior interesting.

Encarnação II House: A New House with A New ‘L’ Volume for the House Extension

This new house is a 2019 project designed by João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos. Encarnação II House is totally rebuilt from scratch, maintaining only the tile roof design exactly as the original ones and the main facade. This house is located in Lisbon, Portugal with 3122 ft² in size. A new ‘L’ volume is also added to this house, resulting in the proposed expansion.

Ressano Garcia Apartment: A Total Refurbishment of Two Apartments into One Duplex

Completed by João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos in 2017, Ressano Garcia Apartment is a total refurbishment project of two apartments into one duplex. Located in Bairro Azul in Lisbon, Portugal, this refurbishment is a respect for the original compartmentalization which is kept as well as the existing decorative elements of the building.

Amoreiras House II: A Three-Storey House with the Use of Attic and Mezzanine on Ground Floor

Located close to Amoreiras in the center of Lisbon, Portugal, Amoreiras House II is a three-storey house with the use of the attic with a mezzanine on the ground floor. This house is renovated by Joao Tiago Aguiar Architects and completed in 2016 with 280 m2 in size. This house had a spaciousness feeling but it was somber and also heavy.

Portas São João: An Apartment Refurbishment with Preserved Structural Elements

Completed in 2018, Portas São João is a refurbishment project of an apartment located in Porto, Portugal. With 1210 m2 in size, Meireles Arquitectos tries to preserve the structural elements of this apartment. The interior is also organized while the entire structure of the existing floors is reinforced and treated. This project is the winner of the World Architecture and Design Awards 2019 in Restoration/Renovation Category.

Housing in Rua do Loreto: A Rehabilitation of A Housing Building with Neutral and Warm Interiors

Lisbon is Portugal’s hilly, coastal capital city, a beautiful and perfect city to have a house for living. Housing in Rua do Loreto is located in this city, a residential project by Samuel Torres de Carvalho Arquitetura (STC). Still in progress from 2015 with 1640 m2 in size, this house rehabilitation offers a comfortable living place with its neutral and warm interiors.

T. Renovation: Renovation of A Well-Known Penthouse with Awesome Ocean View

It is a project of renovation of a Souto de Moura apartment from 1992 that bought by a couple located in Foz do Douro, Porto, Portugal. At first, NoArq is not sure to do the renovation of this masterpiece but in the end, this project turns out into a preserved and restored project. This well-known penthouse is 290 m² + 85 m² in size with awesome ocean views.

ED&JO House: A New Single-Family Dwelling on Sloped Topography with Expanded Floor

ED&JO House is a 2013-2018 project located in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Braga, Portugal. The aim is to demolish a single-family dwelling then build another one in the center of V. N. de Famalicão. The gross area of this house is 408.90 m² on two floors with a 367.20 m² footprint, sits on sloped topography. Designed by NOARQ, the house floor is rehabilitated and expanded to preserve some rooms of the house.