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272 GA: A High Impact Office Building Retrofit with A Contemporary Workspace

With 3,800 sqm in size, 272 GA is a model for light touch / high impact office building retrofit located in Chiswick, London. This office building is designed by Material Works Architecture with a cost-effective scheme to create a desirable contemporary workspace. A series of additions and interventions can be created with the design.

J Cook Restaurant: An Awesome Restaurant with An Extraordinary Design for A Different Experience

Completed by Futuris Architects in 2020, this restaurant represents different cultures of the royal marine sailor James Cook got to see during numerous voyages of him. The name of J Cook Restaurant comes from him, an extraordinary individual for an extraordinary design. With 79 m2 in size, this restaurant offers a kaleidoscope of different cultures, moods, and styles for a different experience.

Kid’s Island: Children’s Playground Made of Plywood with Plexiglas Elements

Designed by MERA Makers Design Lab, this children’s playground is a real island with a lighthouse, cave, treehouse, and water. With 10 sqm in size and located in Russian small town Sarov, Kid’s Island becomes a play space that can give every child the personification of what every adult dreamed of during the quarantine of coronavirus. It is made of plywood with some plexiglass elements.

Ritto Office Renovation: An Office Renovation with A Calm Tone Workspace

Surrounded by nature in Shiga prefecture, this offers a comfortable workspace with a calm tone. Designed by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE, Ritto Office Renovation is a transformation project of a warehouse into an office space. Besides comfortable, the interior of the office space is also memorable and coy for all visitors.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library: A New-Generation Library with Special Facilities

Mecanoo and Beyer Blinder Belle Architects work together to renovate this Mid-Manhattan library located in New York. Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library is a renovation project that completed in 2021 with 16,722 m2 in size. It becomes a new-generation library with new features and special facilities for business, adult learning, and young users.

Building C: The Reconstruction of the Historic Building with the Use of Selected Natural Materials

It is a refurbishment project completed by Atelier Starzak Strebicki in 2020. Building C is located at Plac Kolegiacki, a part of the gradual revitalization of the City Hall area. The program of this project is to reconstruct the historic building, creating a meeting place for residents of Poznań and guests visiting the city. Selected natural materials are used due to the historic character of the building.

Private Clinic: A New Private Clinic with Green and Pastel Colors of the Interior

Completed in 2020 by Nayra Iglesias from In Out Studio, Private Clinic is a project of a new private clinic in Gran Canaria, Spain. The basis of the design concept for this clinic is the use of organic forms that remind of nature and pastel colors. Green is the main color of the interior that mixed with natural material such as terrazzo and wood.

Fitness Boutique B3B Woman Studio: An Exclusive Studio Boutique with ‘Only Girls’ Concept

Inspired in New York and born in Spain, Fitness Boutique B3B Woman Studio is designed by Nayra Iglesias from In Out Studio. This exclusive studio boutique has an interior design made with an ‘only girls’ concept. This interior is also completed with industrial character and opens space to make the client travel to New York City, the awesome city that becomes the inspiration for this project.

Kai La Caleta: A Suprising Space with A Dark and Vibrant Atmosphere

It is an awesome restaurant project by In Out Studio that implemented in March 2019 with 340 m2 of the total area. Kai La Caleta is located in Tenerife, Spain, designed as a surprising space by Nayra Iglesias – the lead architect and interior designer – with a dark and vibrant atmosphere. The result of the entire interior design in this restaurant can invite everyone to come and enjoy the cuisine.