QAZAQBOOKS: The Space for Books, Meetings and Coffee


QAZAQBOOKS is a retail project designed by Kvadrat Architects Design Studio that needs to be shortlisted for the prestigious ADD AWARDS international professional award. It is a space for books, meetings, and coffee with a flexible and mobile interior made based on the interior concept by Kvadrat.

The bookstore, mini-bar, and a place for reading and chamber events complement each other in one location. Instead of limiting the role of booksellers, the owners of the store translate classic masterpieces and novelties of world literature into Kazakh. They publish them and exhibit them in this conceptual environment to the world. They also provide soulful and fascinating thematic evenings by organizing book meetings with authors.

The interior was designed differently from other bookstores. Kvadrat created a more flexible and mobile interior with island constructions that can be easily moved and free up space for art events. In this interior space, the time flows slowly or even stops. The visitors can talk to a consultant and he will suggest a good book to read. They can open the book and read it right here, drink a delicious latter, and enjoy the awesome interior at the same time.

The QAZAQBOOKS brand – yellow color – is reflected in the stainless steel panels, creating a gradient effect. The shelving units have the color of sun and energy, echoing the ceiling and the bar area.

The space is free-cluttered despite the presence of book shelving. The air and the right atmosphere inside this space are pleasant for reading a book. The visitors just need to choose the beautiful edition and stay longer in this cozy space.


Designers Sergey Bekmukhanbetov, Rustam Minnekhanov, Kvadrat Architects design studio,

Images Source: Kvadrat Architects design studio

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