Yoga Studio “Rascvet”: A Serene Space with A Calming Interior

Yoga Studio Rascvet 8

It is not only a cozy space to do yoga but also a serene space to listen to what’s inside you. Yoga Studio “Rascvet” is an awesome work by designer Katya Okhvatova. It has a calming interior that sets its own special rhythm with the inscription “Rascvet” (blossom) shining on the wall.

The highlights of the interior are the fluted surface of the reception desk, handmade macramé lampshade, and waves on the mustard-colored drapes. The expansive mirrors awaken awareness while the abundance of natural materials refers to the depths of human nature. Delicate mustard accents envelop the interior with sunny warmth. It is a shade that symbolizes the inflow of vital energy in yoga.

Tactile perception plays an important role in inspiring creation. Relief and veneered surfaces, textiles, and drapes give pleasant-to-touch sensations. With all of these, this yoga space allows everyone to achieve both physical and emotional comfort.

Thanks to beige-gray tones and minimalist textures, the absence of visual noise develops into a conscious living of the moment and deep concentration. The arches evoke a sense of trust as well as make movement smooth. Their motif is echoed by the blind arch at the reception area, into which the shelving unit fits seamlessly.

In the color of the walls, hidden doors and canvases do not break the space and emphasize its laconism and harmony. There is also a socializing and tea-drinking area that provides a warm community atmosphere. The result of this project is a calming interior that reflects on external manifestations and helps visitors to find out their inner peace.

Yoga Studio “Rascvet” Gallery

Project Team: Katya Okhvatova

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