Wine Bar “Na Bokalchik”: A Wine Bar with A Cozy, Warmly Enveloping Atmosphere

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You don’t need a special occasion and an evening outfit to enjoy a glass of wine. Get your family and friends together to visit Wine Bar “Na Bokalchik”. This wine bar has a cozy, warmly enveloping atmosphere designed by Karina Gimranova from DUPLEX. “Na Bokalchik” stands for “For a Glass, For a Drink”.

Winemaking is all about an ancient craft art where winemakers pour all their passion and love into the drinks. It makes every drink have its own story. This becomes the main idea of the project that developed and interpreted into the interior in understandable images, familiar to everyone, and also evokes an emotional response.

The designer chooses a complex wine shade, the same for the floor, walls, and ceiling, combined with warm light, to create a cozy, warmly enveloping atmosphere and a feeling of sunset, a warming and liberating state of nature. It allows visitors to enjoy a glass of wine, food, and communication.

A traditional glass from an older-generation sideboard is resembled by the embossed glass of the entrance area. Stained glass elements reference the ancient bottles in which wine was traditionally stored.

There is a sand panel that tells visitors a light romantic story on the beach. Highlighted by gliding light, the sand’s texture creates an emotional image of the earth in this bar. There are 3 tables under this panel. It was important to place a light emphasis on them without exposing the panels. Thus, art spots with a narrow luminescence angle of 7° are used for this zone. The light accent draws attention to the barrels, as if half hidden behind the door of the wine cellar.

There is also a spacious communal table and a bar counter with seating at the bartender’s level to encourage acquaintance and communication. Flexible seating against the walls with soft sofas allows visitors to sit alone or in pairs. This bar is also equipped with tables for two with hanging tables and a table for seating a company of 4 people. A solid pedestal with cushions is provided to sit on so that visitors can dance.

Lighting on the top of the communal tables engages and unites conversation. An art object above the communal table is the idea of a lamp that glows beautifully like ripe grapes penetrated by the sun without illuminating the space around them. “Grapes” are custom-made from fiberglass and visible from the street, attracting passersby to come and visit.

The light on the individual tables is concentrated in the center, used to bring the interlocutors closer together. There are also portable table lamps used on the bar counter or placed on tables. With the help of custom-made lamps, the effect of playing reflections of light can be created on one of the walls. Rotating around the clock, the lamps are a metal mechanism on which a faceted glass cylinder is installed with the possibility of dimming.

An RGBW strip is integrated next to the barrels and under the benches. It shines with white light in the daytime scenario. With colored light, it enhances the emotional atmosphere and gives a special dynamic vibe in the evening.

The lighting scenarios are all about day, evening, and night.

Light several concrete tables are art objects with destroyed edges, accentuated, to add a touch of history to the modern interior.

The main brands in this project:

Lighting equipment: Aledo and customized lamps.

Custom-made furniture: The concrete tables are custom-made by Qullar.

Floor covering by Forbo Marmoleum and sand panel 4455x80x1500 made to order (Anna Aseyan).

Wine Bar “Na Bokalchik” Gallery

Year of creation: 2023

Interior style: Minimalism

How many square meters: 111

Designer: Karina Gimranova @kery_duplex, DUPLEX

Photographer: Sergey Krasyuk, @skrasyuk

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