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Casa Sustentável: A Sustainable Home Built from Co-Products from the Mining Operation

Built by Gustavo Penna Arquiteto & Associados, Casa Sustentável is a sustainable home that is a part of the environmental education equipment of the Gerdau Germinar Program. It is the first residence built from co-products from the mining operation. This project is started in 2017 and completed in 2019 with 45 m2 in size.

Residência Esteves: A Modern Residence with Social and Intimate Areas in Prismatic Volume

This modern residence is located in Divinópolis, designed by BCMF Arquitetos for a couple of doctors with three daughters. Residência Esteves sits in a closed condominium that has large areas of environmental preservation. The social and intimate areas in this residence are treated differently in the house’s prismatic volume. It is a 1999 project with 415 m² in size.

Casa Jardins: Combination of Strong Modernist References with A More Contemporary Footprint

Started in 2012 and completed in 2013, Casa Jardins is a residential project designed by CR2 Arquitetura. Located in Brazil, it is a project for a middle-aged couple and a daughter that combines strong modernist references with a more contemporary and current footprint.

Casa Guará: A Great Relationship between the House and Its Gardens

The premises established by customers for Casa Guará in Curitiba are light and heat. Designed by Nommo Arquitetos, this house is completed in 2019 and also built in a 207,20m ² area. The customers are a young couple and their two daughters also have another request: a great relationship between the house and its gardens.

Casa Boreal: A Modern House for Commercialization with A Compact and Efficient Design

This house is 167,00 m² and designed for commercialization. Casa Boreal or Boreal House is designed by Nommo Arquitetos, located in a gated community in the north of Curitiba. The investors’ premise is to create a product with good external space and qualitative sunlight, including fulfilling the basic program for a family of four. The result of this awesome project is a compact and efficient design that makes the house comfortable.

Casa Cor: Simple Elements with Plasticity of the Volumes and Architectural Components

Completed in 2019 with 80m2 in size, Casa Cor is a project of the simple elements by Felipe Hess Arquitetos. The plasticity of the volumes and architectural components are highlighted while the visual relationship value is reconsidered as an articulator and activator of bodily experiences. While the spaces have a well-defined perimeter built by cabinet doors and panels.

Casa Suspensa: A Country House with Recycled Materials and Green Roof

Casa Suspensa or Hanging House is an interior project by Casa Container Marília located in Brazil with 2766 ft² in size. Completed in 2019, this country house is elevated from the natural ground level of the site where it sits. It is also surrounded by native trees so its balconies blend in with the branches of trees and the windows are level with the treetops. This house has a green roof with rainwater use and it is designed with recycled materials.

Casa M: A Residence Renovation with A Metal Structure and White Tone of the Design

This big and modern residence is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a 2018 project of a residence renovation by Felipe Hess Arquitetos. With 780 m², Casa M is renovated and it also needs a great reform to update its interiors too. The metal structure of the residence is connected to the building structure while white is chosen for the design predominant tone.

Wentz: A Designer Store with An External Seating Area and Neutral Finishes

Located in a rectangular lot on two floors in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this designer Guilherme Wentz’s store is a 2019 collaboration project of Felipe Hess Arquitetos with João Paulo Carrascoza and Roberta Alecrim. With 160m², Wentz is designed to translate the brand itself and to receive the designer’s works through its neutral finishes. An external seating area is also created by taking advantage of the existing retreat.