Casa Jardins: Combination of Strong Modernist References with A More Contemporary Footprint

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Started in 2012 and completed in 2013, Casa Jardins is a residential project designed by CR2 Arquitetura. Located in Brazil, it is a project for a middle-aged couple and a daughter that combines strong modernist references with a more contemporary and current footprint.


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Sits in Sao Paulo city, the neighborhood residences want to continue living there but not in an apartment anymore. The building itself doesn’t have architectural value and also a concern for ventilation and sunshine. This project becomes a mini breather in the urban landscape of this city.



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On the first floor, the large concrete box is the concept of this house. In this box, tears are made to create voids that illuminate without searching the inhabitants’ intimacy in this house. Filled with lush and contemplative gardens, the voids can be seen from all environments. These voids also create a visual connection between the first floor and the ground floor.

The double-height of the living room allows a clear understanding of the house which is another important point in this project. The structural solution is found by the use of inverted beams so the first floor’s slab can be seen from the ground floor to reinforce the concrete box’s identity.



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The social part of the residence is located downstairs where the closed block of the toilet is placed on one side. The kitchen block and the service area are located on the other side. There is also an open, living room and dining room that sit among them.

Granite floors beautify the entire floor of the house while the yellow cobogó wall separates the garage from the garden. A TV room and three suites are located on the upper floor, including a balcony with a pergola.

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In the middle of the room, the staircase is adopted as a plastic and sculptural element that is free from everything and serving as visual protection for everyone who enters the house. This staircase also blocks the happening view in the room.

The free plan, concrete, and hollow elements are the strong modernist references in this project that combine with a more contemporary and current footprint.


Casa Jardins Gallery


Photographer: Fran Parente

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