Glassbook House 12

Glassbook House: A Modern House with A Glassblock Facade and Two-Storey Bookcase

A home for the client of this project is a place to retreat from the outside world. Glassbook House is a hideaway located in Tempe, New South Wales, Australia, designed by Sibling Architecture. This house is explored as a sanctuary with serious collection books in a two-storey bookcase. The southern glassblock facade can filter the daylight deep into the house interior.

Herston Gardenhouse 6

Herston Gardenhouse: A Multi-Generational Home with A New Structure and Fantastic Outlook

Consulted by the client after a presentation was given, REFRESH DESIGN informs the homeowners about an investment and lifestyle opportunity of a gardenhouse concept in this project. Started in 2013 and completed in 2014, Herston Gardenhouse is a project of an infill-development located in Herston, Brisbane, Australia. The goal is to achieve a multi-generational home.

Woolloongabba Gardenhouse 3

Woolloongabba Gardenhouse: An Infill-Development behind An Existing House with A New Gardenhouse

Completed in 2015, Woolloongabba Gardenhouse is a project of an infill-development behind an existing house on an inner-city site in Woollongabba, Brisbane, Australia. The goal is to design a multi-generational home that consists of an existing house and new gardenhouse to provide an opportunity for inclusive use or separation as a large family home.

Liddiard St Extension Hawthorn 2

Liddiard St Extension, Hawthorn: A Typical Victorian Terrace with New Light-Filled Living Spaces

Liddiard St Extension is a project of extending and renovation a typical Victorian terrace located in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia. Chan Architecture separated the new and old in this house with an insertion. A sense of spaciousness and light in the new living spaces also can be created with the transition from the old part of the house to the new.

Donald St Renovation Prahran 8

Donald St Renovation, Prahran: A Single Fronted Victorian Terrace House Renovation with A New Extension

Located in Prahran, Australia, Donald St Renovation is a renovation project by Chan Architecture. This single fronted Victorian terrace house offers a unique set of challenges, especially its long and narrow site. The brief of this project is to keep the bedrooms of the house and also add an extension that consists of more rooms. Each room has its own individuality and different character.

Molesworth St House Kew 2

Molesworth St House, Kew: A Renovation and Extension to A Freestanding Edwardian Period Home

It is a renovation and extension project of a freestanding Edwardian period home in Molesworth Street, Kew, Australia. Designed by Chan Architecture, the goal of Molesworth St House is to create a striking, modern house with clean lines and light-filled open spaces. The result is a stunning house with a modern and elegant appearance in each of its bright spaces.

Centre Court House 1

Centre Court House: A Luxury Residence with Modern Living Areas and New Structures

It is a luxury residence located in a very exclusive suburb, Ascot, Australia. Centre Court House enjoys the rare luxury of a private tennis court, one of the awesome main features of the property. This project is started in 2017 and completed in 2019 by REFRESH*DESIGN. The idea is designing a house with modern living areas and new structures that open to the tennis court.

North Melbourne Terrace 7

North Melbourne Terrace: An Single-Story Victorian Terrace House with A Double Volume Alteration and Addition

Located in North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, North Melbourne Terrace is a completed project of an existing single-story Victorian terrace house with a double volume alteration and addition. Eldridge Anderson respond to the existing building with new additions and opening up the enclosed spaces. While the double-height volume links upper and lower levers, allowing sunlight to come to the living space.

North Shore Pavilion 8

North Shore Pavilion: An Inclusive Public Pavilion with Seven Key Design Strategies

North Shore Pavilion is a 2017 completed project by Anna O’Gorman Architect for Economic Development Queensland (EDQ). It is an inclusive public pavilion that constructed and designed in just 14 months, bridging the future and past of the site. The challenge of this project is to create a contemporary, human-oriented space. Seven key design strategies are also developed to maximize civic engagement.

Jan Juc Studio 4

Jan Juc Studio: A Large Deck Space with A Series of Sliding Doors and Exploration of Structural Clarity

Working together with Surfcoast Constructions, Eldridge Anderson explores ideas related to structural clarity and enclosure through this under-construction project. Jan Juc Studio is located in Jan Juc, Victoria, Australia and it is envisaged as a large deck space that floats gently across the undulating site. It has a series of sliding doors with a continued exploration of structural clarity.

Torquay House 12

Torquay House: A Modern House with A Linear Floor Plan and Wide-Ranging Coastal Views

Located on the front esplanade in Torquay, Victoria, Australia, Torquay House is designed to respond to the streetscape with a sharp edge to the onshore winds and esplanade. This modern house has wide-ranging coastal views over Fishermans Beach, Point Danger, and the ocean horizon with a linear floor plan that stretches through the defined structural grid. This house project is completed by Eldridge Anderson.