Port Melbourne Renovation Extension 3

Port Melbourne Renovation / Extension: A Single-Fronted Victorian Terrace with A Rear and Upstairs Extension

The ground floor gets enough warm light during the days via a light court that can be found behind the kitchen. This warm light also comes inside via long skylights in the living room. The rear facade of the building is inspired by the different transparencies and textures of the period stained glass windows, with different panels, sizes, and texture levels.

Mills The Toy Management House 23

Mills, the Toy Management House: A One-Level Weatherboard Terrace Extension with Two Core Elements

The architect uses perforated metal throughout the house. The stair is designed with a light feeling like lace. The perforated steel sheet is folded, allowing to share the light and also enabling conversations from one level to the other. The architect also avoids creating isolated cells by using translucent materials in this small home with its numerous spaces.

Corymbia 12

Corymbia: A New Beach House with A Series of Large Hardwood Doors and Light-Filled Living Spaces

The textures, colors, and materials reference the fibrous cement cladding of vernacular shacks and bush setting in the abstracted with a familiar composition. The hardwood plywood cabinetry, subtle lighting, an aged tapware can add a refined richness to enhance domestic rituals like washing, bathing, and cooking. This house is well-made by local hands to be loved and durable for generations and it is delivered under budget.