Casa Baretto 12

Casa Baretto: An Aging 1980’s Apartment with Openness Sense and A Connection to the Outdoor Terraces

Adriano Pupilli Architects works together with the design-sensitive and enthusiastic client to complete this apartment project. Additional details may also be added, especially to meet their two dog needs. In order to create the most comfortable living place for the client, a little bar is also designed in this apartment that looking over the beautiful view of the Cremorne Bay.

Pavillon Du Lac 7

Pavillon Du Lac: A Pavilion with Transparent Glass Volume Located in An Old Growth Forest

The client of Pavillon Du Lac is an architect, wants to design a signature structure for hosting the guests within the environment which is already great and magnificent. With an awesome collaboration, the innovative solution is also found to complete the project requirements. The singular architecture can be created, allowing the incredible design of this pavilion show itself to everyone who sees it.

TLV Apartment 3 5

TLV Apartment 3: A Modern Apartment with Neutral Interiors and Black-White Accents

With the white walls, some rooms are beautified with black accents to create a decorative interior. In the kitchen, the “6” image is designed and applied on the kitchen door. The living room has a black sofa with a black small table located under the flat TV. Above the sofa, the wall is decorated with some portraits that framed in black and put on black shelves too.

3737 Oakfield Drive 19

3737 Oakfield Drive: Seventeen Homes with Mid-Century Design and Classic Neutra Features

With an update over the years, now 3737 Oakfield Drive is completed with Sonos and smart home Control 4 technology. The 1800 square feet of open living space offers a comfortable room to relax. There are also two bedrooms and two updated bathrooms with gorgeous Zen gardens too. Once entering the living room, a warm greeting comes with stunning views and natural light.

Lasso House 9

Lasso House: A Single-Family Housing with A Meeting Point in the Central Space

Some wooden beams are used with support from the house walls, creating a framework every 70 centimeters. The social area of the house opens to the land through the platforms. In this area, the vestibule and a back part deck of the house can be created with the hearth too. Whereas, the rest area consists of two space that used as a bedroom: a communal bed space, a double room space.