Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Building 50: A Renovation Project Incorporating Innovative Seismic Solutions without Disruption

The Building 50 has a rotating museum set in the main lobby. The museum features materials relevant to LBNL’s scientific legacy like the original wood desk used by an American physicist named Ernest Orlando Lawrence.

Betap Showroom: Integrated Big Offices and Showroom with A Laboratory Space

The workspace and the laboratory spaces are separated by a long row of modern cupboards. This kind of separation provides a possibility to make clutter-free workstations. The laboratory space is designed in a bright white space with warm skin-tones, creating an optimal concentration.

Cushman and Wakefield: New Modern Offices that Highlight Interconnection

Cushman and Wakefield also use their new offices as a model to show the latest trends for all clients. The office is a vibrant and efficient office where the company’s broker teams can be more focus to be a success in this kind of fast-paced global business market industry.

Light and Blue: Minimalist Apartment Interior with Modern and Bright Design

The minimalist interior is simple but also perfect for all rooms in this apartment. It has planning rooms, a kitchen-living room, a storeroom laundry, two bathrooms, and two bedrooms. All of those rooms have the same main concept for the interior, minimalist and also modern.