4 Ways to Improve the Accessibility of Your Bathroom as a Senior

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Changes are a part of life, and as the human body ages these changes will become more apparent- and there are some measures to take when safety and comfort become important.

Whether it is the toilet, the bath, the shower or even just the sink- there are ways that you can make your bathroom more accessible for the older adult. If you or someone you care about has lost strength or mobility, then things like standing in the shower, getting in and out of the tub, and even using the toilet become a great challenge.

There are ways that you can make a bathroom more accessible- many more today then there was in the past. So why not take advantage of these innovations in design and check out these four simple and relatively inexpensive ways to improve the accessibility of a bathroom:


  1. Grab Bars and Rails

Installing shower grab bars should be the first thing on your list of priorities. It is simple, cost effective, and one of the oldest tricks in the book. Install rails and bars in the bathtub, toilet, and shower to provide assistance for movement and to make their life more comfortable.


  1. Install Sprayer Attachments for the Shower-head

If you have a shower and bath in one, then this can be a helpful tip. If you don’t already have one, then installing a detachable sprayer attachment can help you to make bathing and showering easier. It removes the need to stand up in the shower and gives the option of sitting while showering.


  1. Install Lever Faucets

Older adults may also experience issues with the wrists, so turning and twisting taps can be difficult. In many of the more modern houses, lever faucets are commonly installed. But if your house still has a twist and turn a faucet, then it may be time to upgrade to a lever faucet.


What’s more, is that you can even find a foot-operated faucet which could be even better. Just remember, while installing faucets aren’t nearly as complicated as they once were, they still involve plumbing so you should always consult with a professional.


  1. Raise the Toilet

While raising the height of the toilet may not sound very simple, you will be surprised to know that it isn’t as complicated as it may first seem. Even just a couple of inches can help, so you can just get a thicker seat instead of replacing the entire toilet. Nowadays, if you do want to get a new toilet, you can get a “Comfort Height” toilet that is specially designed for seniors’ ease and comfort.


There are many other things you can adjust or upgrade to make the bathroom more accessible for seniors:


–      Install thick carpets and/or rugs to provide cushioning

–      Use non-slip bath rugs and mats

–      Install curbless showers (perfect for transitions from a wheelchair in the shower seat)

–      Install walk-in tubs


By increasing the accessibility of your bathroom, you simultaneously ease the pressure on the caregiver while increasing your loved one’s independence.


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