Locksmith Repair Tips From A Local Locksmith In Carrum Downs

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Lock and keys play a vital role in our lives. However, you might face various problems with your lock and keys. Some easy tips and tricks are discussed below which will save you a lot of bucks.


  1. Make your locks work better with lipstick:

Are you having trouble while closing your door? Do you find it more difficult or harder while you pull it back? The main problem for this issue is a misaligned strike. Obviously, you won’t want to remove any more metal than necessary because removing metal will hurt the strike’s integrity.

In this regard, Carrum Downs locksmith advice to use lipstick, to fix this alignment issue with the bolts and latches. You can mark the precise location that the bolt/ latch is hitting the strike, to put on the lipstick on the end of the latch that is causing the issue. You have to put lipstick on the end of the bolt and then close the door and lock the deadbolt.


  1. Quickly level your door:

Is the level of your balanced disturbed? Is the bottom of the door problematic on the threshold when it is being closed? Just follow some quick steps to fix your sagging door. Take a 3-inch screw and place it on the top of the uppermost hinge. These hinges are already fixed with ½ inch screws.

Since, the 3-inch screw, which has been placed on the uppermost hinge, will reach the 2X4 studs behind the trim; it will suck the door back into place.


  1. Clean drill tips for clean holes:

Are you installing your own locks in your home? When you begin with drilling a hole onto a wooden surface, you will have to face multiple challenges and all kinds of issues, especially if you’re drilling into particle board cabinets. The wood might chip out from the hole or splinter out as the drill blade comes out the backside.

To overcome this issue, you should put a piece of blue painters tape on the side of the hole you are drilling into. It helps in preventing the drill from lifting fibres off at the entry point.


  1. Do not use graphite for sticky locks:

After a long run, the locks begin to get damaged due to dust and dirt and turn hard to turn, or they begin to stick a little. So the people, generally, try to put some graphite into the lock. It seems to work great for a while. But in the long run, it makes the condition of the lock even worse than the original one.

The locks get full of graphite which makes the problem worse. Therefore, you should use good silicon-based spray for lubrication.


  1. A quick tip to cover up your drill mistake:

You may give a try on buying a scar plate that will cover up most errors. It is probably larger than the necessary hole. It can be ordered in the same finish as the lock and placed behind the lock. These look pretty much decent and are inexpensive as well.


  1. Rekey and save your bucks:

Have you just moved into your new place? You do not need to replace your door locks. The majority of people change their locks as the old keys are no longer working. To solve this issue, you can quickly call the locksmith to rekey it. Furthermore, if you want to save more money, take the lock to a locksmith and save yourself the cost of a service call.



Hope you find these tricks helpful and convenient to repair the locks. For professional help, it’s always better to call a proficient locksmith.

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