Shiro House 15

Shiro House: An Open House in Narayama with Cherry Blossom Trees View

The idea of Shiro House design is different from a building design with small openings and a chance to enjoy the seasons from the sheltered distance. With its small open area, Shiro House can take full advantage of the building structure and also connect with the cityscape and landscape. This house is made to yet expansive and open to feel the changes in the seasons of Narayama.

BURROW LowRes 08

Rozelle Burrow: Expanding the Home’s Sense of Space with Extensive Internal Renovations

For the materials, Benn and Penna Architects uses a lot of wood to design the floor, the frame of the door and window, furniture, and storage. This material is balanced with white paints to create a bright background that comes from the wall and ceiling. And in order to create an open and large space, only essential furniture and elements are inserted into the house space.