Futurist Architecture

It is an undeniable truth that books are the windows to the world, the sources for knowledge, and the food for our minds. Erudition and creativity of the world masterpiece-makers often start from books. They are simply the luxury for curious souls. And where is a better place to find the sources of knowledge if not a library. It is not only a place where many scholars and intellectuals dig knowledge but also a haven to feed their minds and expand their roots of information. (more…)

SOM is an architectural, urban planning and engineering firm in America. SOM stands for Skidmore, Owinga & Merill LLP. SOM founded in 1936, Chicago by Louis Skidmore and Nathaniel Owings and later John O. Merill was joined in 1939. So the name of SOM is represent they name as the founders of SOM. The three of them was nicknamed “The Three Blind Mies” for their faithful following of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe’s idea. (more…)

Zaha Hadid is an Iraqi-British famous architect, well known as her unique and luxurious design such as Heydar Alivey Center, Disney, Sheikh Zayed Bridge, etc. Her full name is Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, she was born at 31 October. She is amazingly famous architect which received Pritzker Architecture Prize and to make it more amazing, she was the first woman to be a recipient of that award. In 2010 and 2011, she received the Stirling Prizing. She was also the first woman to win the Design of the Year Award with Heydar Aliyef Cultural Centre. RIBA Gold Medal was awarded to her in 2015 and she was also the first woman to receive that award. (more…)

The first impression that comes into our mind about the word ‘bank’ is often associated with a place to save and manage money. However, if we are talking about futuristic architecture, it turns out that there are a large number of buildings of these financial institutions with brilliant designs. These amazing architectures can be witnessed all around the world as they are the works of the best designers with limitless creativity. (more…)

In this era, people having “second house” is not considered a luxurious desire anymore. Well at least the assumption applies to some group of society. Probably because the salary in any kind of jobs today which are relatively high so that many people are lucky to have capability for to have another settlement. In this case and the second house the second house that mentioned before was not like their usual house maybe it is more like vacation house for them to relax and take their time when want to have a vacation with their family, friends, or even when they just want to be alone after having all days working in the city. (more…)

Footbal is one of the biggest sport commodity in the world. There are too much money going around in the footbal sport. Therefore, footbal stadium play a pivotal role in the world of footbal. Besides it is a place to held a footbal competition and accomodate thousands spectators, the stadium is also required to has a unique and interesting design to attract and please its visitors. Many do not hesitate investing to build a magnificent stadium with its unique or futuristic design. (more…)

From time to time or from one era to the new era, food and beverages have been developed in line with the civilization and nowadays people not just seek for great meal but also great place to take time while enjoying the food with their families, friends, or even with their lover. With the amount of cafes and eateries popping up around the cities businessman has to think for a new idea how to attract their costumers not just by their food but also by the interior. (more…)

Apart from being house of arts and historical objects, Museum is also the symbol of arts and historical objects themself and the progress of time. Besides, Museum is one of the most popular tourist desinations in its country of origin. Therefore, the design of an attractive museum is also one of the key factor to attract tourists. The truly distinctive design of a museum, it will attract more tourists to be interested to visit the museum. Then, the purpose of a museum to present arts and historical objects could be achieved. Besides represent the content its presented, building Museum also has its own respective history. (more…)

The world has millions units of bridges that have been built that lie in all regions in the world. The bridge is one of important highway infrastructure that must be present to facilitate the flow of transport. At least many countries of the world need bridges at some of their particular region. Among numerous amounts of those bridges, there are several bridges which are founded with unique futuristic and high aesthetic values. Some of them are constructed with very absurd forms that were considered impossible to be applied on the structure.

Well, the odd structured bridges are true in reality and here are six extreme astonishing bridges in the world you can see in several continents:

1. Dragon King Kong Bridge, China

The Dragon King Kong Bridge is a pedestrian bridge with a total length of 185 meters and a height of 22 meters is located in Changsha Meixi Lake District, China. The whole drawing of its architectural design is based on the principle of Mobius rings. This bridge connects the beat mix at different heights. From the bridge, wonderful view of the river Dragon King Harbor and also Lake Meixi are always enchanting people to visit it over again.

The project that led to this alien shaped bridge construction was based on the design of architect Van de Water. He himself explains that the bridge founding’s significance was mainly to achieve an endless connection instead of its material form. That fact is his main focus as the local government of Changsa emphasized of how important the bridge’s presence for district’s inhabitants in the futur

Dragon King Kong Bridge
Dragon King Kong Bridge, famous for its futuristic, unusual design. But for Changsha District’s inhabitants, the bridge means much more important for its functions.
Dragon King Kong Bridge during its construction
The Dragon King Kong Bridge during its construction period.

2. Oliveira Bridge, Brazil

Octavio Frias de Oliveira, popularly known as Oliveira Bridge, is a cable stayed type bridge located in the city of Sao Paulo, in Sao Paulo, Brazil over the Pinheiros River. The bridge was opened in May 2008. This bridge has a height of 138 m (450 ft), and connects to the Marginal Pinheiros Jornalista Roberto Marinho Avenue in the south of the city. The bridge deck is special because of its shape, which is similar to “X” symbol crossing over below its tower. This “X” structure is 76 meters wide at the base and 35.4 meters at the top.

It is the only bridge in the world that has two curved tracks supported by a single concrete pillar. Two curved lines, one at a height of 12 meters and the other at a height of 24 meters, has an approximately length of 900 meters each. At the end of December, colorful lamps are usually installed on the wires and illuminating light to create color effects such as the Christmas tree. The bridge is also illuminating lights on other special occasions along the year and is often used for car commercials on television.

Oliveira Bridge
Glowing beautifully at night, Oliveira Bridge standing in the city of Sao Paulo is an iconic bridge to the people of the city.
x shaped for vehicles
From this angle, you can see the “X” shaped design which serves function as a highway for vehicles.

3. Magdeburg Water Bridge, Germany

Magdeburg Water Bridge (Wasserstraßenkreuz Magdeburg) is an aqueduct bridge in Germany. The construction began in 1997 and was completed in 2003 for engineering offsetting the difference in height between the water Mittelland canal with the Elbe-Havel canal. Crossing the Elbe River, it connects the famous Elbe-Havel Canal to the Mittellandkanal. With a total length of 918 meters (3,012 feet), there is no doubt that this bridge became the longest water navigation channel in the world,

The initial idea of the bridge construction was first discussed in 1919. Then in 1938, the blue print design was drawn. The project was put on hold and had to be delayed due to the World War II. With the construction of Magdeburg Water Bridge, this indicates the re-uniting of the ex West Germany territory and the ex East Germany territory. The bridge serves as a liaison shipping channel that connects the port in Berlin with ports that exist on along the river Rhine with both sides of the bridge is open for visitors.

Magdeburg Water Bridge
One if architectural wonder made in Germany, the Magdeburg Water Bridge is known as the longest water canal ever built.
Water Bridge to transportation
The aqueduct bridge plays significant role as a water way for many ships and boats to go lining the land from Elbe-Havel Canal to Mittellandkanal.

4. Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England

Gateshead Millennium Bridge is the only swinging typed bridge on the planet. It is stretched across the River Tyne England between Gateshead’s Quays arts and dock of Newcastle. The bridge has length of about 126 m and a width of 8 m. The award-winning structure was conceived and designed by architects Wilkinson Eyre and structural engineers Gifford.

A swing bridge is a type of movable bridge that swung from a point to another. The bridge is designed with a curved deck that is different from a moving bridge lift. The form of a bridge with this curved deck is generally not practical if the bridge is intended to serve vehicular traffic. However, this swinging bridge is purposely used to serve a useful function that is to facilitate boat and pedestrians and cyclists traffics.

The bridge at least takes the time about 4.5 minutes to move full swing to about 40 °, from closed state to open state, depending on the wind speed. Its appearance during this maneuver has made the bridge nicknamed the “Blinking Eye Bridge” (Bridge Wink Eye). This bridge has been operating according to function properly since its construction.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge
The one and only swinging typed bridge in the world can be found in England. Its construction started in 1998 and was completed in 2001.
special for pedestrian and cyclists
The swinging bridge is provided only for pedestrians and cyclists.

5. The Rolling Bridge, England

The Rolling Bridge in London was built in 2004 as part of the office of Grand Union Canal and retail development project in Paddington Basin, London. This bridge was created by British designer Thomas Heatherwick in cooperation with SKM Anthony Hunt with Packman Lucas in designing, and was built by Littlehampton Welding Ltd. with hydraulic design and development carried out by Primary Fluid Power Ltd in the North West.

The bridge consists of eight triangular sections hinged at the street level and linked up by connecting two sections that can be collapsed toward the deck by hydraulic cylinders, which are hidden in a vertical post on the bridge parapets. When being turned on extended mode, it resembles a conventional steel and wood bridge, with a length of 12 meters. To allow boats to pass, the hydraulic piston is activated and the bridge will curl and form an octagonal shape that measured one-half of the width of the water channel at that point.

The Rolling Bridge
“Size doesn’t matter”. Despite its small size as a bridge, the Rolling Bridge in London deserves its popularity fir its sophisticated technology in design.
rolling mode
The bridge in rolling mode. Looks like a millipede?

6. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

Ever feel the roller coaster ride? Maybe like that it was like when we drive Eshima Ohashi Bridge in Japan-especially when you are driving descend. Japanese local people refer to it as the most horrific bridge in Japan, also in the world.

From a distance the bridge looks very tall, and has a very steep slope. Eshima Ohashi Bridge is the bridge that connects the city of Matsue and Sakaimoto. It crosses the lake Nakaumi in eastern Japan. The bridge is made of concrete with a length of 1.7 km was purposely built very high so that ships can pass across the lake without hitting it. Just remember, if you are driving on the bridge on its sloping mode, fasten your seatbelts properly.

Eshima Ohashi Bridge
The steepest bridge, Eshima Ohashi Bridge. Not recommended for individuals with high-altitude phobia.
bridge viewed from before the slope
The bridge viewed from before the slope. Just always properly fasten your seatbelt.

It takes more than imagination to make fantasy comes true in real life. Eventually, one must make efforts. As well as architects, their ability to bring up their under conscious images to reality require precise calculations and barely minimum mistakes. Unusual and unexpected architectural design is one of the most challenging tasks an architect may encounter. Only some, selected individuals on the planet have been recognized as real experts who have come up in this aspects. Here are some of them. (more…)