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The Escape Pod: A Luxury Outdoor Space with A Unique, Organic Shape and High-Quality Contemporary Interior

Designed in a unique form, the Escape Pod offers a luxury outdoor space. Constructed out of birch ply and European oak, this outdoor space is clad in cedar shingles with a unique, organic shape and high-quality contemporary interior. Podmakers tries to create a perfect place to sleep, socialize, meditate, or work with four different layouts.

REDstead: A Serene Modern Mountain Homestead with Connected Structures and Japanese Concept

Some elegant details are added to the house, delivering a sense of understated sophistication. For the overall experience, the architect also creates additional exterior focal points by transitioning existing boulders into some smaller outcroppings that can bring the adjoining meadow up to surround the home exterior area.

Design Society Shenzhen: The Main Exhibition Hall Showcasing Biennial-Themed Design

Layer after layer new societies are being built and the proposal here for Design Museum might be likened to Schliemann’s excavations in Troy, that showed the evolutions of history and the making of the city. The future is made by inventive ideas that can lead to the emergence of the evolutionary city.

10 Important Things You Should Know Before Designing a House Plan

In general, modern house is designed to be energy and environmental friendly. It also means being efficient in utilizing materials and air conditioning. The design often uses sustainable and recycled building materials. It benefits not only us but also the environment in the long run.

In conclusion, the main task is researching well and deciding which features you need, or you have to omit. Consider the benefits of modern house plans and remember that you can adjust them to suit your needs.