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5 Brilliant Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

Kids usually have more stuff than yourself. Especially all their favorite toys. As their parents, you may find some difficulties to keep their toys nicely. Kids sometimes will not put their toys back to the storage if the storage is not suitable for them. Every kid also have different needs, so you may also have to provide bookshelf if they love to read books. Instead of buying new storage for your kids, you can try these 17 DIY kids toy storage ideas to save your home space and also tidy up your kid’s toy.

5 Awesome Elegant Home Decors

One of unique home decor design that you can use is eclectic home decor. Eclectic is about bringing unusual style into your home by combining many different things in one place. This home decor idea is perfect for you who love art with free creativity. If you need eclectic home decor but you don’t have much budget, you can try to make your own eclectic home decor in your home. Take a look at these 17 DIY eclectic home decors first if you need more references.

7 Awesome Home Decor Ideas for Small Living Room

The small living room usually is not easy to be decorated. You may waste more space when you try to decor it with some accessories or decoration. That’s why some homeowners choose to not decor their small living room at all. Actually, there are many home decor ideas for a small living room that you can use. You don’t have to buy new decoration or furniture to make an awesome living room. You just need to try to make one of these 18 home decor ideas for small living room easily at home.

5 Amazing Home Decor for Apartments

Home and apartments have the same type. Both of them are your best place to live. The different is sometimes apartment doesn’t have big space like home. It makes you a little bit difficult to decor it. The best solution for it is finding cheap DIY home decor for apartments that fit well. Your apartment will have different look without spending much money. Take a look at these 16 cheap DIY home decor for apartments that you can try by yourself.

5 Awesome Bedroom Decoration Ideas

It is a perfect time to do DIY fall decor project! Everyone surely feels great for welcoming fall season. It is also kind of duty for all families to prepare all things nicely for this nice season. You can’t forget fall season without pumpkins, fall leaf, Thanksgiving, and also Halloween. Fall decoration for your home can be created with kinds of stuff which is simple and easy to get. Check out these 17 DIY fall decor ideas for your home.

5 Best Living Room Decor Ideas

There are many ideas of DIY kids room decor that you can do at home to make your kids room prettier. Decoration for kids room must be based on the kid’s favorite thing, such as color or any cartoon character. Creating room decoration by your own hand at home is easy. You can make some decorations with cheaper stuff, it is easy and as cool as the new expensive one. You can try these 18 ideas of DIY kids room decor.

5 Brilliant Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

You can use one of DIY upcycle game clocks ideas to create unique clock without spending too much money. Every home surely needs clocks to show what time it is. Rather than buying a new one, you can make it by yourself using anything simple that you can find around your home. Do a DIY clock project with your family and kids will make the process feels more fun. Need some ideas? Check out these 11 great DIY upcycle game clocks ideas.

7 top Decor Tips for Girl Rooms

Your room is not just another living area–it is a sacred space where you will be spending a lot of time. So, it is only fair that the area must accurately reflect the person in you and this is done by decorating the room according to your interests. The decor can change the entire ambience of the room, so redecorating has to be planned and carried out carefully.

Creative Ways to Design a Focal Wall

Adding distinctive declarations to your house is the best way to make it feel more like home. If you enjoy crafting budget friendly DIY projects to put your stamp on every room, you should consider adding a focal wall for extra charm. Focal walls are a simple way to turn a plain wall into a stunning feature and point of interest—enhancing the overall ambiance of a room.

What You Need (and Don’t Need) to Set Up Your Workable Home Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and we can all agree that the heart needs to run like clockwork in order or an organism to function properly. However, it seems that in the last couple of years, the kitchen has become more of a showoff room than a practical space. Everyone is competing about introducing new design styles, creative materials, and nooks, and we seem to have forgotten the primary functions of this room: food preparation and storing. So, let’s suppose you just want to set up a basic kitchen that will allow you to cook efficiently while still being on a budget. Here are some must-haves to design such a kitchen and some overly-hyped things you should definitely avoid.