Interior DM: An Internal Restoration of Apartment with Contemporary Interior

Interior DM 5

This 110 square meter apartment has an internal restoration designed by Didone Comacchio Architects in 2016. Interior DM is an apartment located on the top floor of a building in Bassano del Grappa. The whole interior is redesigned without any demolition or space modulation. The contemporary interior will not interfere with the delicate building static in this apartment.


Interior DM 11

Interior DM 10

Interior DM 6

The main focus of this apartment interior is about a contemporary reinterpretation with typical ’60s Italian apartment space. Space modulation and demolition are not used for the restoration, keeping the delicate building static on its place.



Interior DM 9

Interior DM 8

Interior DM 7

All rooms in this apartment are located around the entrance lobby. The lobby itself is unique with a large high glass window that can bring a warm light to the bathroom. This lobby can appear like an inner part with a white and silent cube.



Interior DM 5

Interior DM 4

The kitchen area is divided into two, a cooking zone and a dining area. This kind of separation can be seen from the flooring change in both areas, from timber to white resin material. The living room is used as an intimate space with soft lighting for relaxation.



Interior DM 3

Interior DM 2

Interior DM 1

The bedroom floor is full of wood materials, creating a warmer sleeping place. The architect uses white resin surfaces for the bathroom and also a blue piece of furniture with wood for the shower area. The purpose of choosing color palette and material is providing brightness to this windowless bathroom.

Via didonecomacchio

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