6 Mid-Century Bedrooms with Hints Of Boho Lovers

3737 Oakfield Drive 9

The characteristic of mid-century design is strong textures, patterns, and large shapes. These characters are awesome for you who want to represent your personality in your bedroom design. Mid-century is also perfect for Boho lovers.

We have been collected 6 mid-century bedrooms with hints for boho lovers and a lot of inspiration. Check them out.

1. West Roy Residence by SkB Architects

West Roy Residence 5

It is a modest penthouse apartment, designed by SkB Architects. West Roy Residence has an awesome mid-century bedroom with a strong look. The bed is beautified by green patterns, a highlight for the room. Space utilization is also applied in this bedroom by using the corner spot as a study area.

Photography: SkB Architects


2. Phelps Residence by Assembledge+

Phelps Residence 3

Designed by Assembledge+, Phelps Residence is a regional mid-century house that has a warm and inviting bedroom. The mid-century bedroom in this house is bright, dominated in white. The warm atmosphere comes from the wooden furniture and floor.

Photographer: Paul Vu


3. New Canaan Residence by Joel Sanders Architect

New Canaan Residence 6

With a series of small rooms, New Canaan Residence is a renovation and master bedroom addition by Joel Sanders Architect. The mid-century bedroom in this residence has a strong look with the use of different colors to highlight the room. The bed is a combination of blue, white, and grey, completed by a grey rug.

Photographer: Peter Aaron


4. 3737 Oakfield Drive

3737 Oakfield Drive 9

Besides the large open living space and the gorgeous Zen gardens, 3737 Oakfield Drive has a mid-century bedroom that looks inviting. In this bedroom, there is a big seat placed in front of the bed. The floor is covered by a rug to create a warm atmosphere.


5. Hamptons Bungalow by Young Projects

Hamptons Bungalow 6

Designed by Young H Design, Hamptons Bungalow has a mid-century bedroom that is more modern. This modern mid-century design is brought to this house based on the client’s interests. Besides the mid-century bedroom, this awesome house also has other large rooms.

Photography: Young Projects


6. Hudson Valley by GRT Architects

Hudson Valley 14

If you want to create an awesome bedroom for your kids, you can use a mid-century design. The kids’ bedroom in Hudson Valley by GRT Architects is beautified with the mid-century design where strong colors and patterns dominate the interior. Wall decoration is also recommended.

Photographer: Nicole Franzen

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