White House: A Unique House Designed as A Regular White and Pure Prism

White House 5

This unique house sits in a residential area in Argentina where tall buildings require neighborhood approval to be built and are particularly restricted. White House is designed by RTN Arquitectos with 750 m2 in size. Completed in 2012, this house is designed as a regular white and pure prism. The folds of this house also can define its interior and exterior spaces.


White House 1

White House 2

White House 3

White House 4

This house is affected by the presence of tall buildings and it also reacts to them by folding its sides and twisting. This makes the house looks unique from the outside for everyone who sees it. The interior and exterior spaces of this house are also defined by the folds of the house structure.



White House 5

White House 6

White House 7

The house furniture and walls are recoursed and minimized to split the inside space. This house space is divided into four levels. Each level has a particular use such as parents, children, social, and also a service area. These levels are also associated with a library of 7 meters high and a vertical circulation.



White House 8

White House 9

Entirely, this awesome house is built in white concrete by using limited materials for the spaces inside. The contrast appearance comes from the concrete rustic wall. This wall surrounds the outside landscape of the house.


White House Gallery


Photography: Daniela Mac Adden

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