Room Without Roof: An Archetypal Form of A Two-Storey House with An Unusual Twist

Room Without Roof 3

Completed in 2017 by HYLA Architects, Room Without Roof is a project of a two-storey house located in Singapore. This house has a brick structure with an archetypal form and a unique twist. A part of this form is an external courtyard that contains a swimming pool. This part becomes the central focus of the house.


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The distinction between the inside and outside of this house also can be blurred with the part of the archetypal form, providing privacy by controlling the views as well. This awesome house is clad in a dark grey and textured face brick that modulated in a variety of ways, with protruding bricks or brick-sized openings.



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Room Without Roof 6

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There is a precast concrete screen on the second level of the house, used for visual and sun screening. In the external palette, the last element is a timber grid screen that gives a warm contrast to the concrete and brick.



Room Without Roof 9

Room Without Roof 10

Room Without Roof 11

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Smaller pockets of green are used to extend the inside-outside theme internally. A cantilevered structure is the house staircase with a triangular section facing a tiered landscape wall of the house. The attic lounge is a continuation of the courtyard space and it has its own planting strip.

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Besides the swimming pool, this two-storey house also has a basement and attic. The gross floor area of this project is 720 m2, making the house categorized as a large house. It is an awesome house where different materials and textures are combined to create a unique character.


Room Without Roof Gallery


Photographer: Derek Swalwell

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