Sea and Garden: A Weekend House with Two Floors for Extraordinary Time

Sea And Garden 3

Completed in 2008 by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier, Sea and Garden is a weekend house that has two floors with different functions. Located in Japan, the first floor of this house offers an awesome view of the garden while the second floor offers an amazing view of the sea. These floors are separated clearly so one can have an extraordinary time as a villa in this house by going back and forth between them.


Sea And Garden 1

Sea And Garden 2

Sea And Garden 3

Sea And Garden 4

Sea And Garden 5

The site of this house slopes toward the sea and also has a depth with respect to the sea. The height difference is about 2M. The house itself is placed in the center of the site in a shape of a wedge-shaped flat that spreads awesomely toward the sea.


First Floor

Sea And Garden 6

Sea And Garden 7

Sea And Garden 8

Sea And Garden 9

Sea And Garden 10

The first floor of this house is planned as a place to enjoy the awesome garden and separated by the blue sea. The ground’s slope appears in the shape of an opening by making the part facing the garden an awesome opening.

The exterior is lined with white gravel and it is also considered as a continuous interior with the amazing effect of being surrounded by a fence. The ground surface’s relationship changes when moving, depending on where you are.


Second Floor

Sea And Garden 11

Sea And Garden 12

Sea And Garden 13

Sea And Garden 14

Sea And Garden 15

Sea And Garden 17

Sea And Garden 19

Sea And Garden 20

Sea And Garden 21

Sea And Garden 22

Sea And Garden 23

The architect designs the second floor of the house in an awesome way to experience various pulls from the sea inside. In the longitudinal direction of the building, both ends of the house are opened and the partition walls are installed with glass inside the room.

One can see the location of the sea and the location on the other side. A liquid crystal sheet is sandwiched between the glass that needs to be shielded well to create an impaired connection with the sea.


Sea and Garden Gallery


Photographer: Noriyuki Yano (Nacasa & Partners Inc.,)

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