Residence Freundorf: A Big House with A Minimalistic Range of Colors

Residence Freundorf 10

This big house is a residential project by A01 Architects that completed in 2013. Located in Austria, Residence Freundorf offers a comfortable living place with two counterbalanced components. It also has a minimalistic range of colors to emphasizes the seasons.


Residence Freundorf 1

Residence Freundorf 2

Residence Freundorf 3

Residence Freundorf 4

Residence Freundorf 5

In this project, the architect uses two counterbalanced components with a high, open passageway. These components comprise the house’s principal body, especially its structure. There is also a fluent shift between nature and shelter that allowed by the full-scale frameless window-openings.



Residence Freundorf 6

Residence Freundorf 7

Residence Freundorf 8

Residence Freundorf 9

Residence Freundorf 10

This house is also designed with a minimalistic range of colors. These colors can emphasize the seasons from the inside of the house spaces like tableaux. The result is a big house with a bright appearance in the middle of a green landscape, attracting the attention of anyone who saw it.


Residence Freundorf Gallery


Photographer: Brigida Gonzales

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