Northwest Peach Farm: A Thoughtful and Timeless Design with A Series of Gable-Roofed Pavilions

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Located in East Hampton, New York, Northwest Peach Farm is owned by a client with a uniquely long-term vision. They want to make this house as the best place for the family next generations. With 7000 sq. ft in size, Bates Masi Architects uses systems and materials to create a thoughtful and timeless design. The series of gable-roofed pavilions in this house establish a rare and timeless character.


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The main idea of Northwest Peach Farm is about creating a family heirloom for the next generation, including making this house as a venue for their young children’ future weddings and also a playground for the grandchildren. The owners don’t think of a country home in terms of seasons, but generations they hope someday.



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In order to make this house as a treasured heirloom, the timeless design is made. Northwest Peach Farm consists of a series of gable-roofed pavilions located on a former peach farm. The form and size of each piece have a perfect design with the modest vernacular buildings. There are also some traditional forms adapted to this house to create a timeless and rare character.



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The systems and materials are chosen carefully by the architect to withstand the elements that only need little or no maintenance. The walls and roof are covered by the copper shingles that have over 100 years of life span. The windows and doors are also selected with the best durability manufactured by a British company with the same industrial steel material.

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The house is also designed to change over time with the family and unite them. The interior design and the materials of the house can create a comfortable place when the extended family gathers for their annual visits. Even the wine collection on a glazed wall can be one of the unique elements inside the house.



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Some unique details and additions are made, transforming the daily rituals of the family into memorable events. The rolling cutting boards in the kitchen can turn meal preparation into a good chance for everyone’s participation. Every meal will be special with the dining table that can be configured.

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