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Residence Ödberg: A Modern Residence with A Central Courtyard and Awesome Unobstructed View

The initial approach for this 2010 project is the idea to build an awesome residence with a central courtyard by following the perception of the well-known case study houses. Residence Ödberg is designed by A01 Architects as a modern residence located in Austria. There is also an unobstructed view of the Klosterneuburg´s hills that can be seen from this house.

Residence Pörtschach: A Summer Residence with Awesome Views of Surrounding Landscape

Started in 2010 and completed in 2013, Residence Pörtschach is designed by A01 Architects as a summer residence in Austria. This residence is developed fully to engage with the outstanding location of the site. It is also surrounded by awesome views of the landscape where one can enjoy from inside the residence.