Courtyard House: An Animated Interior with Good Privacy and Bright Atmosphere

Courtyard House 11

This residential project is started in 2016 and completed in 2019 by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative. Courtyard House is located in Calgary, a modern house for the clients who love privacy, nature, and their two tortoises. The animated interior of this house provides good privacy and a bright atmosphere as well.


Courtyard House 1

Courtyard House 2

Courtyard House 3

Courtyard House 4

Courtyard House 5

Courtyard House 6

It is an awesome project that responds to the client’s wish twofold. First is a social program that buried to provide privacy. Second is the animated interior that designed through the volumetric filtration of light, creating a bright atmosphere inside the house spaces.



Courtyard House 7

Courtyard House 8

Courtyard House 9

Courtyard House 10

Courtyard House 11

Courtyard House 12

On the north of this house site, the woods and its suburban condition on the west and east can provide an occurring perimeter that enhanced by concrete walls to form a programmatic frame. This frame digs into the south-facing slope, constructing the domain of the interior.



Courtyard House 13

Courtyard House 14

Courtyard House 15

Courtyard House 16

Courtyard House 17

Via the suspension of a wood-clad volume, this burrowed shelter is counter-balanced well. This suspension brings light into the house space below. Natural light is invited through the sculpturing and calibration of a series of apertures to create its way through this house, illuminating the space within and projecting down through a central tortoise cour.

This series of apertures is tuned to enhance the awesome views of the surrounding landscape and also used to anime the sun movement in the sky. The architecture of this house celebrates its inherent porosity and at the same time also offers privacy and enclosure to those within.


Courtyard House Gallery


Photography: Bruce Edward / Tim Smith

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