Top Benefits You Should Be Aware Of When Considering Glass Balustrades

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Balustrades have been around for as long as there have been buildings. In effect, they are simply dividers to protect people from falling off raised objects. In the past concrete balustrades were the preference, that’s why you’ll see them on country homes across the globe.

However, times have changed and there are now many options to choose from. Glass balustrades are rapidly growing in popularity and for good reason:


One of the best things about glass balustrades is that you can see through them. This makes them a great choice when surrounding a pool or edging a balcony with a fantastic view. High-quality glass balustrades Sydney can be chosen to ensure the view remains unaffected while the necessary security and safety are provided.


Glass is effectively invisible, allowing an abundance of light through into a home or other building; This can transform a dark space inside, which is often the case with traditional balustrades.

The glass lightens the area and instantly makes it feel more spacious. It can make a great impression on a visitor or simply make the building more pleasant to be in.


It’s hard to deny that glass is a modern approach to balustrades. As such, it can add a contemporary feel to any property, even an older home. In fact, the glass balustrade will complement the existing decor or go very well with a modern theme.

It’s becoming increasingly common for homes to look old on the outside but to be very modern inside.

Easy To Clean

You may be surprised to discover that glass is actually very easy to keep clean. All you need is a clean rag and glass cleaner. Alternatively, a small amount of vinegar in water can do the same trick.

Simply wipe the glass balustrade over and buff if necessary. The fingerprints will be removed and the glass will continue to look like new.

No Maintenance

Wood balustrades need inspecting for wood damage and they need to be treated or painted regularly. Cement perishes, particularly when it is outside in all weathers, and even metal can be prone to rust. But, glass balustrades need virtually no maintenance. There are no parts to disintegrate or need repairing; The glass balustrade, if regularly cleaned, will last for years.


Balustrades need to be strong to ensure they can prevent someone from crashing through them and following. Although glass doesn’t look like it’s exceptionally strong, it is. The balustrade will be specifically designed for the designated location. This will ensure it is strong enough to resist if someone is thrown against it, offering perfect protection.


Last, but certainly not least. Glass balustrades can be created in a huge array of styles, including having images and text etched into them. In short, they can be created to perfectly complement your home as it is, or as you want it to be.

The right glass balustrade will complement the look of your home and potentially make it more valuable.

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