Why is the Drainage System of my House a Mess All The Time?

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Having inadequate drainage in times of incessant rains is one of the most common problems that homeowners face. The roof is a big catchment area to hold all the water and pass it through different safe and easy drainage channels.

However, unrestricted and overflowing water from blockages poses a structural threat to your home. If you have been trying to find out why the drainage problems at your home are not coming to an end, consider checking the below mentioned common reasons that stop the water from getting a proper drainage path.

Paved Surfaces

These are the covered surfaces and are plastered with concrete, stones, and other hard material. Most of the paved portions can be found in the areas surrounding the garages, driveways, pool decks, and walkaways. Sometimes, if the sloping is missing from these regions, the water can start logging up at their bases. Therefore, it is very important to grade and inspect these zones for any unchecked waterlogging.

The Wrong angle of elevation

If the house’s angle of elevation is constructed at a poor angle, it contributes to the water getting stored at the foundation itself. If it does not get a path, it can potentially damage the house’s dry base and interior finishes, mostly if they are made up of wood and drywall.

Clogged up rain gutters

This is one of the most common reasons found in the case of water blockages. Accumulated outdoor debris consisting of animal nests and fallen pines results from an irregular cleaning schedule. Thus, the rain gutters that clog can quickly overflow, blocking the gutter in a short while. The gunk consists of water along with decaying leaves and dirt. The physical obstructions do not allow the water to flow into the gutter drain, yielding to a stagnant stoppage smoothly.

Landscaping Issues in the gardens

People with large flowering lawns may easily relate to this one. If the garden bed’s layout is improperly designed, it impedes the natural flow of the water. The excess water from the plant beds should reach the storm drain. In the absence of a proper slope, prolonged standing water can also kill your plants and affect the soil quality.

Unaddressed Water Pools

An uncalculated grading of the lawn can also lead to various water traps beneath the surface. If the soil leveling has been done poorly, in that case, it can easily create depressions that retain water for the longest while. In the long run, it can also result in marshy conditions that mar the look of the house and bring a whole set of different problems like bad smell and molds.

The Conclusion

Water logging in your home not only gives you a constant headache, it could lead to some unhealthy environment as well. But if you don’t know the reason behind the issue, things often get even messier. Thus, we hope that checking these pointers will help to assess the right reasons for the water clogging in your home. Being a little mindful and alert about the water assimilation can redirect it in a downward direction, thus preventing water logging issues.

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