9 Renovation Tips to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

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When planning to sell one’s home, it is good to undergo some renovations and home improvements to attract potential buyers. Making the right renovation decisions can help you sell your home faster with more than the expected price. The upgrades and modifications should be done appropriately for your buyer if you have to sell it right. The improvements to increase home resale value should justify one’s investment. The key is to wisely spend on those renovation projects that give back profitable returns. Here are some home renovation tips that will increase the resale value of your home:

  1. Hire an expert

An interior designer or realtor can give valuable tips on improving the interior and feel of your home. They have nominal consultation charges, i.e., less than $ 100 for an hour. They can give valuable suggestions on how to upgrade the look of your home. An inspector can detect hidden problems such as water leaks, broken wires, or termite infestation that one might not have seen before. These minor issues can escalate into more significant problems if repairs are not done on time and may create a damaging impact on your home’s resale value.

  1. Get a Roof Inspection

Roofs ultimately do wear out with time and need replacing. The consequences of putting off repairing roofs can be expensive, including mold and ruined walls. It would be best to get a roof replacement to add value to your home. Choosing a high-quality roof with a good warranty will guarantee a long-lasting impression. A new roof will attract prospective buyers and benefit you to stay competitive in the market.

  1. A little paint goes a long way

Painting is an easy and affordable home improvement project that can increase the resale value of your home. From applying a fresh coat of paint to updating your kitchen’s look, these smaller remodeling projects may have a significant impact on your resale value. Newly painted rooms look neat and desirable. Perhaps, it is best to choose neutral paint colors that appeal to a more significant number of buyers.

Remember that when you’re selling your home, the colors you love aren’t necessarily those that a potential buyer would prefer when living in your home. Repainting your kitchen in more neutral palettes helps a buyer imagine the personal set up in the space. Besides, an exterior paint job is equally important as you want buyers to fall for your home to make a purchase instantly. It also assures the prospective buyers that your home is maintained well, so they won’t have to spend money before shifting.

  1. Upgrade the Kitchen

Many people consider the kitchen as the heart of the home. Perhaps, an upgrade to the kitchen can add value to your home. As long as one does not go overboard, a kitchen remodel can make your home look attractive. Fresh paint following trendy shades can certainly revamp the look of your kitchen. Besides, it is best to upgrade the cabinets and countertops of your kitchen. Also, test flooring and even taps and sinks if they are suitable for reuse.

  1. Bathroom Remodel

Another area of the house that can appeal to potential buyers is the bathroom. Even if one is tight on budget, minor upgrades such as changing peeling wallpaper or installing new energy-saving bulbs can bring a new look. If opting for a complete remodel, consider changing the tiles and replacing the sinks. Also, it is best to utilize unused spaces to create additional bathrooms. The cost of adding a bathroom will depend on the types of installations and accessories one can use.

  1. Add an outdoor deck

Outdoor structures like decks, fire pits, and pools not only serve as an entertaining space in homes but also significantly add value to the resale price. With the increasing trend of staying at home during vacation, also defined as a staycation, outdoor living spaces are now more in demand than ever. Renovating your home’s deck and backyard will attract more prospective buyers during the selling process.

The cost of adding an outdoor deck can vary widely from $1,200 to $10,000, depending on the design and construction materials used. Other deck add-ons like built-in seating, multiple stairs, built-in planters, shade shelters, and the deck’s size might affect the estimated cost. However, you can save a considerable portion of this amount by executing half of this work yourself, provided you have the specific tools to do so. If you are not handy and decide to hire a contractor, it is best to do your research and acquire at least three quotes from different contractors. You can even check out their past projects before signing a contract with one.

  1. Replace old windows

New windows can brighten the appearance of your home. By opting for energy-efficient windows, owners can save a considerable amount of heating and cooling costs. Old- fashioned and drafty windows can put off any potential buyers. Choose more oversized windows that allow natural light to the internal space to make rooms airy and brighter. Most prospective buyers feel at ease in well-lit rooms because that shows you are not covering up anything.

  1. Visually expand home space

Your home should give a visual appeal to the buyers. The key is to make the house feel as large as possible. It is best to declutter your home from old furniture and shelves. It will make the rooms look airy and spacious. Also, try replacing curtains with blinds or shutters to allow more light in the room.

Similarly, try brightening up a dim kitchen or hallway by installing more recessed lights. You can even do so in a formal dining or living room with elegant sconces. These changes will give your home a more welcoming vibe to homebuyers and increase your resale value.

  1. Embrace Smart Home Technology

Installation of smart home devices like security cameras, smart TVs, light automation, smart locks, smart thermostats, and water leak detectors are easy upgrades to boost your home’s resale value. Market research provides insights into how homebuyers are more inclined towards houses with pre-installed smart home technology for convenience, energy management, and enhanced security.

It is worth mentioning that smart home automation can facilitate a faster sale. It provides a competitive edge to your home’s resale value compared to other neighboring homes. When you list your house on the market, highlight all the smart technologies equipped in your home to set it apart from other neighboring houses.


There are many renovation and home improvement options to increase your home’s resale value. It is best to direct your efforts on smaller and more significant areas that make your home a more attractive option to budget-minded buyers. Concentrate on installing efficient technology and making more executable upgrades that create comfort in your home. Even basic home maintenance and fixing small tweaks, as mentioned above, can increase your home’s resale value.



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