The Laidback Lifestyle: 7 Pieces of Furniture Designed for Maximum Relaxation

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Relaxation is a necessity for all humans. Stress causes headaches, neck pain, and many other physical complaints. Unfortunately, stress has become a daily occurrence for most people. Comfortable furniture that allows the body to sink in and fully relax can enable stress to drain away. Many seating options exist for a truly relaxing and laidback lifestyle.

#1. Bean Bag Chairs

Modern bean bag chairs are not the flat, lumpy playroom seating of yesterday. The chairs available today seat users in the ultimate coziness. Microsuede covers make the chairs super soft and luxurious to the touch. Specialty bean bags, like those made for gamers or designed like a lounge chair, ensure that everyone has the perfect seat. Browse microsuede bean bags to see the variety of styles available.

#2. The Basic Recliner

Recliners allow people to adjust how they sit, and this enables people to find the reclining position that works for them. Reclined seating is not only comfortable but good for the back. Researchers recommend reclined seating for workplaces where people sit most of the day because it helps to relieve the pressure caused by sitting upright or hunched over. It is unlikely an employer will invest in reclining seating for all employees, but people can have the luxury when they arrive home.

#3. A Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge is a fixed reclining chair with a little more style than most standard recliners. Chaise lounges are armless, so they are easy to slide into and exit. The upright seated position lets the user stretch out their legs, while still upright enough to eat, read, or watch TV. Traditional wood and upholstery versions exist, as well as bean bag chaise lounges for a cushier experience.

#4. A Reclining Sofa

Reclining sofas offer comfort for multiple people in one piece of furniture. The option is useful for small rooms where two recliners would overwhelm the available space. Reclining sofas look and seat people like any traditional sofa when the reclining sections, usually the ends of the piece, are upright.

#5. The Hanging Chair

A hanging chair is like a hybrid of a basic chair and a hammock. The swaying action is both fun and soothing for the user. Studies have proven that rocking is something that aids sleep in adults as well as infants. The enclosed sides of the chair allow occupants to feel as if they have slipped into a cocoon. Most chairs include a padded cushion, but it is easy to replace them with a thin bean bag or an assortment of pillows.

#6. Reclining Sleeper Loungers

Reclining loungers blend a recliner with a chaise lounge. Users can enjoy the seats in an upright position, reclined, or flat for sleeping. The armless design makes it an accessible option as well.

#7. Giant Bean Bags

Bean bags deserve another mention because of the giant versions of the familiar seats. The enormous pillows fit couples comfortably, and some have room for the whole family. The diameter is not the only giant feature on these types of bean bags, but the thickness as well. The chairs enable people to flop into them, and they fluffy and thick during use.

It is worth the effort and the investment to find comfortable furniture. The multitude of options makes it easy to choose colors and styles that fit any decor. Throw out old seating that causes back or hip pain and look for designs that allow people to sink in and instantly forget about everything else.

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